Your website design & structure does matter
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Website Design & Structure

When it comes to your website structure, you should make sure you have a good plan before you even start the design of your website. Your website structure should include the correct pages in the areas customers would expect to find those pages.

Having the correct website structure does more than save you from a potential nightmare later down the road, as your website grows, it also ensures users and search engines can easily find the information they are looking for. The structure of your website design is a helpful factor when marketing your website online, as well as helping your conversion rates, which means more new customers to you.

We have all been to a website where everything was so hard to find. Hundreds of links on the home page to every product they have. What do we do when that happens? We leave the website. If your website is hard to use it makes it hard for your visitors to find the products or services they are looking for, which in turn leaves your potential customer looking for a website that is easier to navigate so they can view the products and services they want to see.

To the right, we have listed an image of a simple website design structure. This will help you keep your website clean, user-friendly and allow you options to quickly build upon your website in the future.

As with anything, you want to build a strong foundation from the start. Without a strong website structure (your foundation), you are not only going to let down and maybe lose customers; additionally, you could expect costly updates in the future.

With our local internet marketing services, Busy Bee Media, Inc. ensures your website structure is sound before we continue to the process of getting new customers to your website. If you have questions, concerns or would like to discuss internet marketing opportunities with us, please email us or call 800-690-5622 now.