Using Local SEO For Your Home Services Business

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Using Local SEO For Your Home Services Business

You have your website up and running, but maybe you haven’t been getting the results you were hoping for. Having a website is the bare minimum these days, and anyone without an online presence will quickly be left in the dust. You should apply local SEO to your page for the best results.

Optimize the Profile for Your Google Business

It is vital to ensure all your information is current and that your business ranks well locally for home services. Don’t forget about search tools other than Google also.

Create Landing Pages for Locations

If you’re operating businesses in multiple locations, each location should have its own page. Using keywords that are location specific is the best way to keep each location visible.

Build Local Links

Partnering with other businesses and organizations is great, but ensuring their mentions link back to your business page is better. This can boost your presence in search engines.

Make Sure Your Page Works on Mobile

If your website doesn’t function properly on mobile devices, you could lose business. Many home service companies get a big portion of their web traffic from mobile devices. If the page doesn’t load quickly, isn’t easy to use, or doesn’t have contact information that’s easy to find, you’re doing your business a major disservice. 

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