Types of SEO

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Types of SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a crucial part of online marketing and website growth. If you know the right keywords to use, you’re more likely to attract the right people. But what are the “right” keywords for your business? What type of SEO do you need to implement, and how does each of them work?

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to website content. With the right strategies, you can find the specific keywords that will draw traffic to your website. Using those keywords in your blogs, service pages, or landing page will get you more search result hits. This requires keyword optimization and content creation, and only pertains to the actual words on your website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO related to the back end of your website. The user experience and site functionality is what matters here. You want speed, mobile-friendly formatting, and security. If your website is one customers like to use, search engines will see that, and will be more likely to suggest your website in future searches.

Off-Site SEO 

While the last two directly involved your website and the content on it, this one makes use of the wider internet with practices such as backlinks. If enough high-quality sources link to your site, then that acts as a trust signal to future visitors. It helps them know that your website is a reliable source. You need that sense of authority and trust to keep people coming.

Watch Your Competitors

As part of an SEO strategy, it’s important to see what your competitors are up to. What keywords do they use? How does their website run? What do people think of them? By collecting information like this, you can better compete.

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