6 Popular Platforms for Online Advertising

Online advertising is a good way to market your business. By placing ads on various websites and blogs, you can target specific audiences, depending on their interests. Here are seven types of popular online advertising available: Facebook Ads Facebook ads are a great way to target your audience, as you can select a certain number […]

Tips to Reinforce Your Brand

While you may think you’ve put in every effort to make your brand memorable and recognizable, there are always ways to keep your brand visible to new and existing clients. With so many more options available to people every day, keeping your brand first and foremost in consumers’ minds is key. Ways You Can Reinforce […]

Social Media Marketing FAQs

Social media has high traffic, so using this resource for marketing makes sense. Before you commit a budget to social media marketing, though, you may have questions about the strategy. Busy Bee Media answers some of those questions in the FAQ below. What Is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing (SSM) is the process of […]

How to Use TikTok for Marketing

TikTok has become one of the most popular social networking platforms, especially among Gen Z and Millenials. Due to its popularity and viewership, it has quickly become a great marketing tool for businesses. In short, TikTok is very similar to Instagram, except that it uses videos rather than pictures. Why TikTok? TikTok is the social […]

Simple Ways to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Do you have social media channels in place to enhance engagement with your customers and prospects? If so, good for you! Keep in mind, though, that establishing these channels is only the first step in the process. Social media can provide an excellent way to market to both current customers and prospects, but it requires work. […]