SEO to Boost Your Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way to boost the traffic to your website. If you use the right SEO techniques in your content, then it will show up more often on search engines. Once you have the correct SEO techniques established with your content, then the traffic to your website will increase and give you more conversions, therefore increased sales.

Top SEO Tips:

  • Focus on a good keyword or keywords that relate to your business. If you are a local business, then adding in your city name and company can get you more traffic because you are aiming for local traffic. To find good keywords for your business, focus on what you’d search for when looking for what your business offers.
  • Check out your competition! Know what your competition is doing with on their websites. Once you’ve analyzed your competition, decide how you can get your SEO to work better. 
  • Focus on your content. To rank well on search engines, you should have unique and exciting content that appeals to your audience. Your audience should recognize you as an expert in what you deliver for content.  Integrate your keywords into your content.
  • Use your keyword in the title of your website or blog. While it doesn’t have to be the exact keyword, getting as close as possible is a great idea to increase traffic.
  • Try to use the keyword in the header for your web pages. If you naturally integrate your keywords, this will help you stay in a good position with the search engines.
  • Focus on your keywords or versions of them when setting your alt tags for your images. This tag is shown when a photo on your webpage won’t load properly.
  • When writing blog posts, use your keyword as part of the URL instead of random letters or numbers. 
  • External and internal links are both critical with good SEO practices.  If others link to your site, this gives you more credibility with search engines and your audience. Add internal links to your blog content to make sure that you boost the SEO on your site and rank higher. 

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