SEO Reporting Tools
tracking your SEO Success

When it comes to your success Busy Bee Media, Inc. knows an important aspect of your internet marketing campaign is being able to see track results. That’s why we offer a client dashboard with the tools you need to track your campaign and its success anytime, day or night.

Once you become a client, we set up an account for you so you can see how things progress. We believe full transparency is a very important factor for any business, especially when it comes to their marketing campaign. We don’t just throw you in the system to guess at what you are looking at, we will walk you through everything. This system is extremely easy and user friendly so you can spend your time on the important things in life, running your company.

What you will find in your dashboard

1) Ranking Reports (track where you are listed on Google, Google Places & Bing). You can set the reporting for today, yesterday, a 30 day period, all time or custom report ranges for you to track how your rankings have moved up and down at any time you want to.
SEO Ranking Report

2) Back link Reporting (see where you are listed on other sites across the web). It is always important for us to know where your website is listed, how your website is listed and which back links have come within the past day, month or all time. This will help you track which websites are linking to your business across the web as well.

3) Google Analytics (see your visits in action). With Google analytics you get to see how many visits, what the search term was, how long they stayed on your site and much more. This is very beneficial for you to see what kind of traffic you are getting from your website.

Additional Tracking (may not be used for all clients)

1) Social Tracking (see posts, new likes and more). Your busy with your business, we can handle everything online if you need. If we are handling your Facebook page we will list this option in your dashboard as well so you can track everything going on within your social network from an easy to use dashboard.

2) Pay Per Click Tracking (see how your pay per click campaign is doing). If we are handling your pay per click program through Google and other sources you can see how things are going, easily understood right in your client dashboard.
Pay Per Click Tracking

Additional Resources:
For some clients we use a call tracking system. This system allows us to set up phones numbers in specific markets you are targeting so we can place that tracking number on all the marketing we handle. While this is not recommended because you don’t want tons of numbers across the web, it can be useful in some cases and takes your tracking efforts a notch up by tracking calls. You can than login to a system that has all your recorded calls, length of calls, caller id and more (additional fees apply).