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Social media is an easy way for businesses to connect with their customers. New apps and platforms continue to be released and gain popularity while others become obsolete. If you are a Seattle business, using social media as part of your digital marketing efforts can boost your business and increase engagement. 

Social media marketing can be intimidating, especially in a popular area such as Seattle, but our team is here to help. Busy Bee Media has been growing and developing social media for businesses since the inception of the platforms. We have significant experience running successful Seattle social media marketing campaigns. We can help you reap the benefits of a well-made social media marketing strategy from beginning to end. 

Benefits of Seattle Social Media Marketing

If you haven't explored social media for your company yet or if you have allowed your business's accounts to lapse, it is vital to understand the significant benefits of social media marketing. 

Social media marketing can:

  • Grow your audience. Billions of people use social media every day. When you use popular social platforms to get the word out about your business, you have the potential to reach many more people than you would without social media.

  • Gain feedback. Social media gives users the opportunity to give feedback about a company's products, services, and policies. By providing your customers the ability to tell you how they feel quickly and easily, you gain access to more raw information about what you are doing well and how to improve.

  • Create relationships. Modern consumers want to forge connections with the brands that they use. Social media allows you to create relationships with your users by interacting and by sharing information about your brand that may otherwise remain a mystery. These relationships nearly guarantee repeat business and happy customers.

  • Increase brand awareness. When your logo or content appears on social media, even in passing, you build brand awareness. Brand awareness helps users to recognize your business and utilize your products or services when they need them. 

There are many more benefits of social media marketing that can benefit businesses in any industry. Our team can outline benefits in your specific industry when you begin to work with us on your social media marketing strategy.

Seattle Social media Marketing and Paid Advertising

Just as with other marketing platforms, sometimes paid advertisements on social media are appropriate to help boost business. Though high-quality content and engagement are supremely important, building a client base with just these tools is often difficult. Fortunately, paid advertisement opportunities are plentiful on social media, allowing you to jumpstart your campaign at any time. 

You can also target certain demographics when you use paid advertising on social media. This is extremely helpful if you know who your primary client base is. Race, gender, age, location, and socioeconomic status can all affect whether a person responds to your brand or not. Fortunately, if you don't know your target demographic, many social media platforms offer statistics that show you who engages with your content and profile most frequently.

Social media platforms also allow you to track your ROI for paid advertising campaigns, which can help to make them easier to justify. When you see how your money is being used to benefit your business, paid advertisements can become part of your regular budget. Of course, relying only on paid advertisements is not financially sustainable. However, using them as part of your social media marketing campaign increases results and encourages growth.

Use Busy Bee Media for Social Media Marketing

Social media is more complicated than many people realize, and there are a lot of technical aspects of these platforms. Without the proper training and help, it can be difficult to grow your social media presence and create a reliable stream of customers. Our professionals are here to make the process easier for you. We can handle your social media platforms, help you to create content, and give you tips on how to adjust as you grow. Our expertise in both digital marketing and social media content puts us in a unique position to develop effective strategies for your business’s social media accounts. 

For more information about how our team at Busy Bee Media can help you to utilize social media to your advantage, contact us online today

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