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Your business must have an internet presence to be successful in modern markets. Search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and social media marketing can all have a positive impact on your business. Unfortunately, the prevalence of online information can also harm your business. One bad review or negative comment can have disastrous effects on your profits. 

No matter how old your business is, you need to protect your business’s reputation online. Though this may sound easy, managing your company’s reputation is often more complicated than it seems. Doing so requires strategy, monitoring, and adjustment as you begin to see the effects of your efforts. 

Our team at Busy Bee Media offers Seattle reputation management services for industries of all kinds. If you have noticed a dip in business after a poor review or other negative information, we can help you to mitigate the damage and rebuild your customer base.

Responding to Negativity

Though the negative comment or review itself does matter, your response to it matters even more. If you fail to respond, readers have no choice but to believe the negative review. However, if you respond to the review, readers can see that you care and work to fix issues if they arise. It is important to have a response plan in place to handle these situations professionally and effectively. 

The correct response is crucial, and it is not enough to simply respond. You must do so professionally and with sympathy and do your best to solve the issue at hand. When you do this, you create a dialogue with your community and show all customers that you will work to make things right if they go wrong. 

Social Media Audits

Reviews and comments are not the only factors that affect your online reputation. Tags and mentions on social media sites can also affect the public’s perception of your company. Tracking down all mentions of your company can be a complicated process. Our team at Busy Bee can perform an audit of your social media platforms to identify who is talking about your company and where. This allows you to respond to all mentions, which benefits your business and lessens the impact of a negative comment. 

It is essential to understand that social media has become a way for people to do research about a myriad of things, including companies. Rather than perusing sites like Yelp, many people simply go on social media to read about a business. Because of this, it is crucial to track social media mentions and analyze how they might be affecting your business. Our team at Busy Bee Media is here to do this for you as part of our Seattle reputation management services.

Other Analytics

The team at Busy Bee Media can assemble and analyze a wide range of data about your company. When you work with us, we will show you the raw data we find, give you an idea of how these factors are affecting your business, and advise what you might be able to do to improve your situation. This data helps us to understand the root of the problem and develop a way to manage your reputation. 

Competitive analysis is key for your company's growth and can inform future decisions about your business plans and goals. When you use Busy Bee Media's Seattle reputation management services, you get a competitive audit as well. To create this, we will assess your competitors to see what they are doing that you are not. In many cases, this gives you an idea of what you need to do to improve your standing. It also gives you an idea of what you are doing well that others are not.

Managing your company’s online presence is an incredible challenge. Reviving your reputation after a poor review can be even more challenging. Rather than compromising your time and sanity, allow our team at Busy Bee Media to perform reputation management services for your company. We can help you to fix the issue and create an ongoing plan for your company's online presence and how to handle negativity on the internet. 

To learn more about our reputation management services, contact Busy Bee Media online today. 

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