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Traditional search engine optimization (SEO) requires time to reach the maximum possible results. The methods can be complex to implement, and you may not get enough of a return to justify the time you have sunk into the endeavor. Typically, a better option is to employ SEO-tailored tactics to the Seattle area. This allows companies to narrow down their market and reduce competitors, increasing their returns for the time and cost invested into search engine optimization. Focusing efforts on your city and surrounding area means you will interact more effectively with your greatest consumer base by having a higher ranking with search engine results pages (SERPs).

Traditional SEO Vs. Local SEO: What’s the Difference?

If you have already taken steps to invest in SEO, you are likely wondering how local SEO differs and if it’s worth adding to your marketing plan. The simple answer is yes. Consider the immense reach of the internet and the resulting global marketplace. Traditional SEO applies to this larger global market. It will match searches with any relevant results, regardless of the location of the businesses. For companies that work within national or international markets, traditional SEO works very well; however, it can bury smaller businesses that mainly serve their local communities.

Though your products or services may be unique in your local area, there is a high likelihood that multiple other companies worldwide provide comparable products or services. When you apply local SEO strategies, you narrow your competition to just your local area and exclude the remainder of the businesses with an online platform. The local competition is more manageable than the larger market, so it is easier to draw the attention of potential clients. When you optimize your online presence for the Seattle market, the people in need of your type of business are more likely to be local and are more likely to become customers. 

As an example, a small café in Seattle will want to appear in searches for people specifically looking for a meal in Seattle, but a paper supply company with clients across the country will benefit more from traditional SEO. 

Local SEO and Search Engine Algorithms 

There are many strategies available to make your search engine optimization plan work better for local SEO. Keywords and phrases are an integral part of SEO practices. Content that includes your state, city, or local area will push your online platforms into more local SEO markets. Adding these specific keywords will result in search engine algorithms noting the importance of your business for that local area and placing it higher in the SERP. 

Local SEO does not only apply to the city where you’re located- it can also apply to even smaller areas. Seattle is a large city, so it may be useful to narrow your competition field even further. This can be accomplished by connecting with smaller communities within Seattle through blog posts that discuss local events, current news, and work you accomplish within the city. 

Optimize Your Platforms for Mobile Use

Typically, people do research or complete projects on their laptop or desktop, but most people search for local services and products on their smartphones. For this reason, one of the best things you can do for your local SEO plan is to optimize your website for mobile use. If you run a restaurant in Seattle, for example, new clients will likely find you when they are in the area and begin to feel hungry. They likely would not have a laptop to pull out; they will instead use their phone to find somewhere to eat. If your platform is not compatible with a smartphone, you will lose the potential revenue opportunity from these customers. 

Powerful Local SEO Strategies

SEO strategies are vital for business success, especially when a large portion of new clientele will find your business online. The importance of search engine optimization in your business can boost traffic and increase sales. However, you likely don’t have time to learn how to implement and optimize these strategies effectively. Busy Bee Media’s highly trained SEO experts already have years of experience with local SEO practices and can easily apply them to your business. Contact us today so we can build your local SEO plan and increase your consumer base.

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