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One of the reasons some search engines are at the top of their field compared to others is the immense work they put into developing their algorithms. These algorithms are designed to match quality content to every search on the platform by making split-second decisions that increase the likelihood of returning the best possible information. 

Multiple factors are taken into consideration when search engines decide which websites will get the coveted spots near the top of the search engine results page (SERPs). They include keyword use, loading speeds, accessibility across both desktop and mobile platforms, and how up-to-date the information is. Websites with relevant information, good reputations, and fast website speeds are found at the top of SERPs. 

As a business owner seeking an effective online presence, you should aim for search engines to view your content as having authority in your industry, especially compared to your competition. Though it may seem daunting to become an expert in your field, one straightforward way is to incorporate link building into your digital marketing campaign. 

What Is Link Building?

It is not uncommon to see hyperlinks spread throughout the text of various online content, whether that content is an article, a blog, or within service pages. This incorporation of links that will bring you to other relevant online content is link building. 

These links may direct you to other places on the same website connecting you with a similar product, service, or topic. They could also direct you to another website that is relevant within the same industry or field to provide credibility for claims made by the original website. In this instance, the link takes you to an authoritative source to be used as a reliable and unbiased research reference. One of your goals for your website should be to become that source for other websites. 

When your site is linked to other sites, it creates a backlink. If a website has a variety of backlinks, it signals to search engines that you are a reliable authority within your field.  You can expect an increase in high search engine result rankings when your company is recognized as a serious authority. 

As with any marketing tool, there must be a balance; it is possible to have too many links back to your website. If a search engine believes there are too many backlinks to your website or backlinks are used incorrectly, they will place a negative flag on your website for “link spamming.” This will reduce your trustworthiness with search engines and lower your ranking on results pages. 

Link Building Tips

You can develop successful link building by ensuring quality links that arise from the organic growth of your website. Tips to help this positive development include: 

  • Check the soundness of links

Any links you have chosen to embed into your content must remain active and connect to live pages. Failing to update broken links will take visitors to your website to pages that have been changed, are no longer available, or are compromised. These failed links must be replaced with corrected or new links. You must also be sure that any websites backlinking to your website have the updated URL.

  • Use evergreen content

Evergreen content remains relevant and up-to-date over time. High-quality content ensures that visitors to your site will have a reason to return. It also incentivizes other websites to backlink to your website, improving your industry authority and search engine ranking. 

  • Utilize interactive media

Though interactive media will not have a place in all industries and websites, many websites can benefit from its use. This addition is useful and engaging, becoming a unique feature on your site that others can link to. Things like timeline organizers or cost calculators can help people meaningfully engage with the content on your website and make it appealing for others to share.

Seattle Link Building Services for Your Business

An essential aspect of any digital marketing campaign is link building. Increase the authority of your business and become a reliable source of information within your industry. Contact Busy Bee Media today to see how our experts can help your business grow by becoming a trusted source within your industry using link building.

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