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Running a franchise is different from starting a business from scratch because you are at least partially supported by an already established company. However, you still need to show your audience how your business stands apart. It falls on you to make sure your branch runs well, generates profit, and manages your marketing efficiently. It takes more than brand recognition alone to accomplish this.

Most businesses can benefit from search engine optimization (SEO) regardless of whether they are in person or online. Franchises are especially responsible for capitalizing on local markets with SEO because there is a potential for a competing branch of the same company to exist nearby. Capitalizing on your location will help you bring in local customers and enough revenue to be lucrative. In a large city like Seattle, this is especially important because franchises are likely to face competition from any sister locations as well as other similar companies. 

Local SEO is Essential for Your Franchise

Local SEO aims to direct content to a local area, city, or state. Because Seattle is a large city with direct competition within industries, it is important to narrow down local SEO from a city level to a neighborhood or community level. Narrowing your location focus area will reduce the competition that you face by highlighting how your services meet the needs of those closest to you. The more specific you are with your local SEO strategies, the more relevant your search engine results page (SERP) ranking will be for those searching for products or services in your community. 

The importance of local SEO cannot be overstated. Bringing in new customers relies heavily on ensuring they can find you when they search for the products and services they need that you provide. If you fail at applying local SEO, other franchises in the area are likely to populate before yours on a search engine results page. 

Successful Seattle Franchise SEO

For SEO to be successful, it must be implemented correctly, which means you need to understand some related key points. 

  • Read the reviews

Customer comments, reviews, photos, videos, and suggestions are important for drawing in new customers, as these will have a significant impact on how the public views your business. Highlighting positive reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc., is a low-effort task that can entice people to your branch over other branches or businesses. 

  • Use Google Maps

When people are searching for a nearby franchise location, they will typically use a map service like Google maps. They will be able to determine which branch is nearest to them or is on the way to their destination. Ensuring that your information is correct and complete in Google maps gives you another route to find potential customers. 

  • Develop Location-based Content

Mentioning your community and location on your website increases your ranking in the search engine list because it assumes you can provide the service in the area searched for. The more instances you can use these keywords or phrases in your articles, the more relevant the search engine will think your content is. 

  • Maintain Cohesive Branding

One of the perks of opening a franchise instead of an entirely new business is the brand recognition you will have from the parent company. It is important to use relevant logos, colors, and fonts in your designs so that customers recognize your store as a part of the larger company whose name they recognize. Promote cohesion across every online marketing platform to prevent any confusion a customer may experience, as well as increase their confidence in your business.

Your Seattle Franchise SEO Solution

The objective of any business is to make sure your location shines among the competition; fortunately, franchisee owners have a leg up in this area because consumers will already trust the brand. However, that’s only the first step. Maintaining this trust requires that you implement marketing strategies effectively, so your customers recognize you as part of the larger brand. 

At Busy Bee Media, we can help you create and successfully implement the right strategies. We know how to invest in your SEO strategy to increase traffic and boost conversions. Contact our team today to see how our years of experience with local SEO and marketing can provide you with continued success and growth.

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