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There are many tools and techniques to develop effective digital marketing, but search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important. There are also three key aspects of SEO with which most people are not familiar. On-Site SEO focuses on the content of your page, off-site SEO considers how your site is connected with others, and technical SEO deals with the framework and function of your website. Each part must work correctly for strategies to be effective. 

Technical SEO is sometimes overlooked because it is the piece of the process that is not visible to clients. Technical SEO centers on the structure and function of your website, such as how information is stored and cataloged. These aspects of your website play a key role in how search engines categorize the information on your site, a process referred to as “crawling,” and connect it with searches. Technical SEO plays a major role in where your business appears on search engine results pages (SERPs), though it is not as recognizable as other factors such as keywords. 

Ways to Grow Your Technical SEO in San Francisco

If you are not familiar with the framework and functions of websites, it can be difficult to understand technical SEO. Despite this, there are several methods businesses can use to grow their San Francisco technical SEO. The following ideas may provide insight into how your technical SEO can benefit digital marketing for your business. 

  • Ensure your sites are optimized. Mobile devices like smartphones are becoming the tool of choice for people searching for information. Ensuring that your website can accommodate both mobile and desktop sites is essential for SEO success. Optimization of your mobile site also helps to boost your SERPs ranking when search engines take accessibility into account. 

  • Try accelerated mobile pages (AMPs). These pages use a type of coding that is relatively new. An AMP aims to make your mobile site more accessible and user-friendly for potential clients on their smartphones. Getting rid of unnecessary noise and clicks makes your mobile site easier to navigate. These features also boost your standing on search engines. 

  • Avoid repeating content. Including the same information in multiple areas of your website can be confusing for clients. It makes the site more difficult to use and also negatively impacts your website's interactions with search engines. Getting rid of any repeated content makes your site easier to navigate and eliminates potential SEO errors. 

  • Include an SSL, or secure sockets layer. An SSL is a way to ensure that your website’s security is stronger. This protects you as well as your clients. These security measures also make your website more appealing to search engines. 

  • Consider using an XML sitemap. This map is a way for clients to see any updates or changes to your site. An XML sitemap is also easily accessible for search engines, so your latest updates will be recorded. It also helps users to access different information you have available in a way that is engaging and interactive. Tools like an XML sitemap can draw more traffic to your website and boost your SERPs ranking. 

  • Make your site faster. Many search engines consider user experience, including things like efficiency and speed, when ranking websites. The Core Web Vitals tool from Google is one way you can measure this. A site that loads quickly benefits your clients because they can access their information more easily, but it also makes your website more appealing to search engines. This is a tool that is beneficial to every aspect of your SEO. 

Start Improving Your San Francisco Technical SEO 

Effective SEO can understand how on-site SEO, off-site SEO, and technical SEO function, both separately and together, and incorporate them all into a digital marketing campaign. While each presents unique challenges, technical SEO can be particularly challenging. For technical SEO to be effective, it must create a structure for your website with which clients will likely not directly interact. Unless you are familiar with the technical aspects of building websites, this process can be daunting. Our team of experts can help make it easier. 

The final piece of an effective SEO plan is important, and you should not trust your San Francisco technical SEO to anyone but the experts. The team at Busy Bee Media has years of experience in helping your SEO be as effective as possible. Visit our site and contact us today to get started. 

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