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Reputation Management Services

Your reputation as a business plays a key role in whether you attract potential customers to use your services. People speaking positively about you keeps your image clean and helps you appear trustworthy. The internet makes it easier than ever to find out how people feel about your brand, and you need to know how to: 

  • Find these reactions

  • Encourage positive engagement

  • Keep a positive online presence

There is a lot to think about when managing your reputation. If you’re a business owner in a city like San Francisco, you probably don’t have time to search the internet for reviews and mentions. You need someone who can help you gather information and point you in the right direction for the future. At Busy Bee Media, we’re experts in assisting brands with thriving online. 

How It Works

Our reputation management services incorporate several tried-and-true strategies. We will monitor how people are talking about you online and put that information into three categories—Visibility, Reviews, and Mentions—in addition to a fourth category based on how your competition is faring. After this, we will send you periodic reports with all the data you need to keep your company in good standing.

Visibility Monitoring

Visibility refers to what potential customers actually see when they visit your website or run your name through a search engine. If this information is inaccurate, it can harm your search engine rankings and your reputation as a whole. People want to know that your information is valid and that you are trustworthy before they use your services. For example, in a city as large as San Francisco, people will want a business they can quickly locate and contact, so having the correct address, phone number, email, and hours of operation is vital to attracting customers.

Reviews Monitoring

How people talk about your service to other people can make or break your business. Good reviews will make people more likely to trust you, while bad reviews will steer them away. You can’t control who posts a review or what they say about your business, but you can control how you respond to the feedback. 

With our services, you will automatically see reviews posted. You will see complaints immediately and adjust your actions and business model accordingly. People like to know that you are listening to their concerns, and improving your business along the way is an excellent way to keep people on your side.

Mentions Management

When your company is referenced in a social media post, blog, or online news publication, it’s called a “mention.” These mentions are just as important as reviews when it comes to knowing how people feel about you. Busy Bee will do the work of compiling your mentions for you and responding under your guidance to any feedback.

Monitoring The Competition

No company exists in isolation. There will always be competition, and you can’t control what your competition does or how people feel about them. You can, however, use their reputation to help your company compete better. If your competitor only gets positive reviews, you can see what they are doing right. If they have a negative reputation, you can see what they are doing wrong and make sure your company doesn’t make those same mistakes.

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