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Busy Bee Media specializes in developing proactive, link-building strategies for the 2020s and beyond. Your business website needs to beat your San Francisco competitors whenever potential customers search the web for your good or service. But perhaps you've found that clever SEO, fresh content, and a winning social media strategy don't earn you the top spot in the super competitive bay area business scene.

Sometimes the missing components to these tricky equations are quite literally links. Busy Bee Media's strategy for building backlinks is one of both quantity and quality. Linking your site to reputable, useful, and influential websites will positively affect the algorithms that determine your search ranking. 

How Do You Get Links?

There are many ways you can go about generating links back to your website. A few of these ideas are as follows:

  1. Purchasing backlinks

  2. Creating guest content for other websites that will allow you to link back to your own website

  3. Link-sharing groups (essentially trading links)

  4. Asking to be added to local business websites

  5. Stories in the local news

  6. Reviewing websites

  7. Submitting press releases to industry websites

  8. Adding your website to online registries

Often a multi-faceted approach that utilizes a few of these is best. A good first step is to have links to your website on both large internet databases and industry blogs. However, there are many other places you can attempt to strategically place links, including relevant social media feeds.

Busy Bee Media can identify the best targets for your San Francisco link building service needs by generating links back to your website and helping you make the necessary connections to get those links online.

Why Links Matter

Links have been a ubiquitous feature of the internet since its conception. Simple, one-line HTML tags can connect one website to another through a menu element, image, ad banner, or a bit of underlined text. In an online world dominated by ephemeral social media trends and Web 3.0 chatter, it can be easy to forget the importance of hypertext links. Links are still believed to play a crucial role in the way Google and other search engines interpret and rank websites.

Links from "authority" websites are the most important of all backlinks. An authority website is any large, notable, or otherwise "important" website. This could mean a multitude of things:

  1. Large blogs or publications in your industry

  2. Reputable mainstream media outlets

  3. Major business partners

  4. Government websites

  5. Big retailers

The more links you have from these authority websites, the more visibility and credibility your own website will have. This applies to the search algorithms that determine your ranking and the human eyes that see and follow those links when surfing the web.

San Francisco Link Building Services - What Not to Do

Just like with SEO and social media strategies, some digital marketers will cut corners or use one-size-fits-all tactics when it comes to building links for their clients. This will inevitably fail the client. Similar to content creation and website design, successfully curating backlinks requires a customized and responsive approach.

The worst link-building tactics can get your page flagged, which results in a rankings drop for your site. This is the opposite of what you want when implementing a link-building strategy for your website. Some of these toxic tactics that should never be employed include:

  1. Paying for links on irrelevant websites

  2. Spamming discussion boards and classified ad sites with links

  3. Faking reviews and testimonials

  4. Creating bogus websites that only exist to post backlinks to your main website (unless your second website has excellent content and develops an authoritative status in its own right)

  5. Excessive spamming of links to social media

Other tactics that are less harmful but often not helpful either, include:

  1. Submitting your website to "directory" websites that only exist to generate free backlinks for desperate webmasters

  2. Commenting on blogs - if you become a subject matter expert in your community and people want to visit your website because of it, that's an awesome way to build your brand. But your website should only be found in your bio or signature at most. 

Generating Quality Links

To start generating a catalog of great backlinks to your website will require some work. You need quality content that people want to see, and you have to build relationships with the people and brands that matter in your industry. It can be overwhelming to get started on this journey. If you need help with your San Francisco link building services, contact Busy Bee Media today.

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