San Francisco Franchise SEO Strategies

For franchised businesses, highly localized SEO strategies can be an extremely powerful tool. The content you put online can make a difference when a customer searches for your brand and has multiple franchise locations to choose from. Smartly designed and properly implemented San Francisco franchise SEO strategies can transform you from "a" San Francisco location to "the" San Francisco location.

Franchisees are a very particular type of business owner. As both a business owner/operator and a representative of the franchise, your marketing and online content must adhere to very specific guidelines. When you want to implement a web marketing strategy to make your franchise stand out online, you need to work with a web marketing company that understands this. Being a successful franchisee can be a delicate balance between promoting your individual business and being a team player. Busy Bee Media understands this delicate balance and will implement web marketing strategies that highlight and promote your individual image while also protecting your status as a valuable asset within the greater corporate model.

What Does Local SEO Mean for Franchisees?

Localized SEO means optimizing your website's content to improve search rankings when someone searches in a particular geographic area. This is a critical tool for franchised businesses to leverage if they wish to improve their standings online. Effective local SEO doesn't just improve website traffic, it puts more real-life customers into stores and restaurants.

Local SEO helps franchisees stand out in saturated markets like the San Francisco Bay area. With a properly optimized website, a franchised burger location could consistently be at the top of the search results when someone runs a search for "fast food in San Francisco."

Effective SEO requires a website containing quality content about your business, your products, and your location. Some corporations have their own rules about what sort of website or marketing campaign you can run as a franchisee. Busy Bee Media understands these contractual limitations and can find the space to create effective digital marketing strategies within the confines of even the strictest legal agreement.

A few examples of some winning San Francisco Franchise SEO Strategies include:

  1. Utilizing geographic keywords (street names, neighborhoods, nearby landmarks, or points of interest)

  2. Including the city or neighborhood name in the Title tags on your home page and individual web pages

  3. Having a comprehensive "contact" page on your website that includes your address, driving and public transportation directions, as well as full location details

  4. Publishing favorable testimonials and reviews specific to your location

  5. Using meta descriptions and other metadata

  6. Ensuring that your location(s) can be found on Google Maps when searching for your franchise near its geographical location

  7. Registering your location's Google Business listing and customizing it with up-to-date information and photographs

  8. Verifying that your location is active on Yelp! and other influential review websites

  9. Reaching the customers directly using localized/neighborhood social media groups 

  10. Setting up a microsite on the corporate company's website (or link to your own if possible)

  11. Leveraging the power of your corporate brand while distinguishing your location as special

The Benefits of Franchising

When you run a business based on a franchise, there are a few wins already built into the formula:

  1. Customers are familiar with your brand and product-they already want to find you

  2. Have customers search for the specific brand rather than generically (e.g., "Burger King" instead of "fast food")

  3. Technology makes it easy to locate and travel to locations

  4. Most people visiting your location already associate your business with something they like, and they know exactly what to expect

Busy Bee Media understands how to leverage the unique benefits of the franchise-franchisee relationship through a comprehensive digital marketing plan. We can reach new and recurring customers not just by using localized SEO to improve your search result rankings, but also with:

  1. Social media campaigns

  2. Content creation (press releases)

  3. Full-service digital marketing strategy

  4. Online ad design and implementation

When you're ready to make your franchised location stand out in San Francisco's crowds, reach out to Busy Bee Media to discuss what our team of marketing, design, and eCommerce experts can do for you. Don't settle for being "just another" franchise location. Let Busy Bee Media help you outpace your competition with San Francisco franchise SEO strategies and get more traffic through the door no matter what part of the San Francisco Bay area you're operating in.

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