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Q: Why Is Web Design So Important?

A: In many cases, your website will be the first impression a potential customer will have of your brand. It may seem easy to just use a template and not focus too heavily on design, but the more unique your site is, the more of your brand’s personality you can convey. It is a chance to home in on a fun style or find the colors and imagery that capture your vision the best, and it offers visitors a taste of what your business is like. On the other hand, a flashy and overly complicated site design has the opposite effect. Visitors do not want to be overwhelmed or struggle to navigate, and if the site’s coding is broken, then they will be less likely to trust the overall quality of your services.

Put simply, a website’s design gives your visitors a lot of information and can impact whether they choose to use your services. It takes a lot of work to have a well-designed website. By letting us do the coding, you can just focus on crafting your vision.

Q: What Are Your Contract Terms?

A: Typically, we expect a one-year commitment from new clients, which relaxes to a month-to-month program afterward. However, we are willing to allow exceptions to the rule, if necessary, because we know that every business has a different situation to contend with, and we won’t work with you if we don’t believe we’re right for each other. While we want to be more than just your business partner, not everyone will be compatible with our services.

Q: How Much Do Your Services Cost?

A: How much you pay is based on what your campaign is, including factors such as the field, location, and size. Businesses in San Francisco won’t pay the same amount as someone in Topeka, but two San Francisco businesses will also have different rates if they’re in different markets—a bakery will have a different budget than an insurance firm, which will have a different budget than an auto shop, and all three businesses have different competitors and need different advertising tactics.

If you want to know how much your business will pay, you can contact us today for free to speak to a representative and get an exact price. 

Q: What Sort of Businesses Do You Work With?

A: All businesses need some way to market themselves and get customers, so we help everyone indiscriminately. It doesn’t matter to us if you’re selling organic cat food or repairing electronics. We have worked with over 200 businesses across the United States, so you can always turn to Busy Bee for the help your company needs. 

Q: Why is Content Writing Important?

A: Posting creative and original content to your business’s blog is a good way to attract attention. Even people who don’t immediately need your services can find you if they’re looking for information on something related to your brand, and you can convince them to keep coming back if your content is well-written, informative, and posted on a consistent basis.

However, we know that most business owners aren’t also talented bloggers, and writing takes time and energy away from other important management jobs. Therefore, Busy Bee Media offers content writing services to businesses who want to produce creative, relevant content but don’t have the experience or time necessary to do it themselves.

Q: What’s Your Strategy in a Nutshell?

A: The exact details of our strategy will change depending on what your company needs us to focus on, as not everyone will need every service we offer. However, our general strategy boils down to using the internet to your advantage to drum up attention and help you resolve problems. This is why our services include Search Engine Optimization, Content Creation, Website Design, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, and Pay-Per-Click Advertising. We know that the internet has all the tools anyone may need to grow their business. Our goal is to use these tools for your benefit, regardless of what your market is or how much of an online presence you currently have. With decades of experience and the methods we have tested and perfected, we’re confident in our ability to help your brand grow for many years.

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