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Your reputation is crucial in any line of business. Without the public’s trust, you will find it extremely difficult to attract new business and retain existing clients. Unfair negative reviews and smear campaigns by unscrupulous competitors shouldn’t need to be a drain on your day-to-day operations, but they are, unfortunately, a very real part of operating any modern business. In the era of digital communication, social media, and review websites, the damage can be done almost instantly.

Responding to negative reviews and social media comments can be extremely delicate work. As someone who built and invested in a business, it can be easy to take harsh comments personally. You may even feel compelled to respond in kind, but you only risk further damage to your reputation by sinking to that level. That’s why it’s worth investing in reputation management services from the digital marketing experts at Busy Bee Media.

Busy Bee Media can help any type of Portland business monitor and manage its brand’s reputation online. Our top-notch marketing team includes professional reputation managers who work tirelessly to protect our clients from internet trolls, competitors, and online reviewers with an ax to grind. We take a proactive approach, meaning we try to resolve problems before they gain attention, challenging negative reviews quickly and getting them removed or responded to before they can affect your bottom line. We can also help you find creative ways to solicit reviews from satisfied customers to balance out any negative activity and improve your overall ratings on Google, Yelp, and other websites.

What Are Portland Reputation Management Services?

Reputation management is a multifaceted operation that involves monitoring, protecting, and even improving your brand’s reputation on the internet, including review websites and social media. This is crucial for businesses that rely on their online presence to drive business. Partnering with Busy Bee Media for Portland reputation management services is the solution.

Some of our reputation management services include:

  • Social media monitoring. Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, but it is also a way for aggrieved customers or internet trolls who want to tear down what you have built. Busy Bee Media’s reputation managers will use cutting-edge automated alerts to keep a watchful eye on all of your social media activity.

  • Review management. Busy Bee Media understands that online reviews can be an important part of building trust in your brand and growing your business. Soliciting enough positive reviews to generate a good rating can be a challenge, however, especially in the developmental stages of your business. This can be made even more challenging if existing competitors unethically use bad reviews to suppress new competition. Busy Bee Media’s review management services offer a solution. We can respond to or challenge negative reviews while also developing a strategy to get your satisfied customers to leave positive reviews.

  • Content creation. Posting great content relevant to your products, services, or your industry, in general, can be a huge part of building your reputation online. Well-written and authoritative content can increase your reputation in a way that you are fully in control of, rather than relying on other people’s reviews or social media comments to shape a narrative. Consider a blog with helpful tips or photo galleries of your best work.

  • Customer service. Reputation management is a collaborative process, and while Busy Bee Media will be looking out for you online, a comprehensive reputation management strategy will involve your company being accessible and responsive when customers need help. Busy Bee Media can assist you in setting up a customer service system that fits your needs and budget, so customers will always feel cared for by your brand.

  • Crisis management. When the worst happens, and a bad review or social media slip-up goes viral, Busy Bee Media is ready to step in and help you mitigate the damage. We can work with your existing PR and legal teams to develop the most effective response to these stressful situations.

Trust Busy Bee Media for Portland Reputation Management

Busy Bee Media intimately understands the importance of your online reputation because digital marketing and branding are our specialties. Maintaining a sterling reputation as a reliable, high-quality company is one of the greatest things you can do for boosting your brand and growing your business. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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