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While in-person business continues to thrive in certain sectors of retail and service, ecommerce has taken over a huge portion of many markets that had traditionally been based on brick-and-mortar business locations. The COVID-19 pandemic only increased the already growing importance and viability of ecommerce platforms and led to the tremendous expansion of ecommerce system use in many industries, such as food service. Some businesses that failed to implement online ordering options were left behind during this shift.

In a world where business is increasingly done online, a top-notch digital presence is necessary. This means a great website, search engine optimization (SEO) for all of your content, well-crafted social media, consistent branding, and perhaps even pay-per-click (PPC) ad campaigns. For local businesses looking to pivot to a robust, fully or mostly online business model, Portland ecommerce design and marketing will be the foundational piece of this expertly curated online presence.

Elements to Consider for Your Portland Ecommerce Design and Marketing Plan

When planning your Portland ecommerce design and marketing strategy, there will be many factors to consider. Some of the most important will include:

  • A highly usable website. “User-friendly” is a subjective term, and it may even mean something different from project to project, depending on your particular line of business and target audience. Generally speaking, it means you have an attractive website where navigation is self-explanatory and potential customers can easily contact you or obtain your services with a few clicks. Website copy must be compelling and well written, and images and embedded media should be relevant and placed effectively. These components should funnel the reader to a clear call to action (CTA) such as a “buy now” or “contact us” button. It is also essential that your website functions equally well across all of the different devices and web browsers your customers might use to visit you.

  • SEO implementation. A great website is unfortunately worth very little if your customers can’t find it. To get your website to show up at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google and other search platforms, you may need a comprehensive SEO overhaul. SEO is a multi-pronged strategy that involves researching and implementing the most effective keywords, streamlining your website for fast load speeds, creating a catalog of authoritative backlinks, and optimizing metadata to ensure your content can be properly parsed by Google and other search engines.

  • Content creation. Content drives ecommerce sales. A single social media post or well-placed ad can sometimes be all it takes for a product or brand to trend online. Your online content, be it long-form blogs or Twitter posts, can serve an important role in defining your brand’s attitude and values. Consistently posting content that is readable and useful will also improve your website’s SEO. When crafting content, make sure you understand your target audience and then write timely and relevant content in a voice that will resonate with your ideal customer. Even if you’re writing general informative content about your industry, such as an SEO boosting blog piece, make sure to use all content as an invitation for the reader to further engage with your products or services by finishing with a strong CTA.

  • Foster customer relationships. Savvy business people understand that a sale is not truly finished once the transaction is complete. You want to ensure customers are satisfied so that they are not merely one-time shoppers, but lifelong brand loyalists. An expertly crafted online presence can help you achieve this. Even for Portland businesses that operate entirely online, your connection to the Portland area can be used as an effective part of defining your brand and telling your story. Through social media and your website, however, you can make yourself equally responsive to customers throughout the world. Make sure to thank customers for their business, respond to reviews proactively and professionally, engage with questions on social media, and take the time to consider all feedback.

Busy Bee Media: Your Portland Ecommerce Design and Marketing Specialists

At Busy Bee Media, we know it’s critical to have a comprehensive ecommerce design and marketing plan before attempting to enter the competitive world of selling goods and services online. We also know these skills can take years to master and many hours per week to implement effectively, which is not always possible when you’re already mired in the day-to-day tasks of operating your business. Thankfully, Busy Bee Media is ready to offer high-end design and marketing services to businesses throughout Portland and beyond. Contact us today to learn more.

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