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Custom programming can provide a way to take your digital marketing strategy to the top. Offering your own useful web applet is a great way to connect with customers in a way where you control the parameters completely. The possibilities of custom code applied to a digital marketing strategy are endless. You can take a boring, static website and turn it into an interactive experience that evokes your brand’s values and drives engagement — and new sales. In a competitive market like Portland, you must leverage every possible advantage to stand out in the crowd. Portland customized programming from Busy Bee Media allows you to use your website to achieve that.

Busy Bee Media: Your Partner for Portland Customized Programming

There may be many different programming languages powering a single website, and they each have different strengths and uses. Depending on whether you’re trying to tweak your layout, code custom navigation menus, or deploy an interactive element, such as a promotional game, you might need to write code in CSS, JavaScript, PHP, or some other language.

If you do not have a technical background, it can be difficult to understand which language to use for which task, much less master and effectively code in those languages. A website with broken code will create a poor customer experience that turns potential customers away from your products and services. This is why it is best practice to partner with a digital creative firm like Busy Bee Media when your website needs to be overhauled with custom code.

Some of the technologies that can be used to customize your website include:

  • HyperText Markup Language (HTML). HTML is the longtime standard for creating webpages. A basic HTML page can be coded by hand with only a few hours of training, but sites written only in HTML tend to be very static and clunky to update or scale. HTML is essentially a set of tags that tells your web browser (e.g., Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge) how to display information, such as text and images, on the page. HTML can also be used to embed custom applets, but HTML itself is extremely limited in terms of creating interactive elements.

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS is a widely used style sheet language that helps you fine-tune style and layout elements across your entire website. A style sheet is a collection of tags that tell a browser how to display any pages associated with that style sheet. This is similar to certain HTML functions, but by using CSS, many different HTML pages can be updated at once by updating their style sheet.

  • JavaScript. JavaScript is a programming language that can be used to make web-based apps, small games, custom media players, or entire interactive websites. JavaScript is a full-fledged programming language built to work within web browsers, so it can be a great tool for developing extremely customized projects you want to deploy to your website.

  • SQL. SQL is a database query language, meaning it is used to access and manipulate databases and individual database entries. SQL is an essential tool for websites that manage large amounts of data that needs to regularly be sorted or queried, like order records or client lists.

  • PHP. PHP is a general purpose scripting language commonly used to create dynamic elements for webpages. PHP code is embedded within your website’s HTML and executed on the server side. PHP is often used to retrieve information from databases to display customized content to the user.

  • Python. Python is a high-level programming language that has been used for years for a vast variety of applications. Python’s strength is its standardized libraries which give coders preexisting solutions for many of the most common programming tasks. Python is considered easy to learn, but it can be used to create extremely sophisticated projects. Aside from its use in developing web services, Python is also relevant to fields like data science and machine learning.

Busy Bee Media: Your Trusted Partner for Portland Customized Programming Solutions

Customized code is an exciting and effective way to make your website stand out above the competition. Whether you’re looking to create a fun promotional game, an interactive prize giveaway, a robust database-driven website using PHP and SQL, or something completely new, Busy Bee Media can help you bring your vision to life with custom web programming solutions. Contact us today to see how we can help you take your website to another level.

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