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Creating and posting high-quality content — whether through blogs, social media, videos, or some other format — can offer a huge marketing boost for businesses of all types. Content based marketing is a concept that is easily overlooked by busy professionals whose schedules are already packed with the day-to-day tasks of trying to compete in a major U.S. city like Portland.

In today’s highly online world, content creation should be a key focus of any marketing strategy. However, it’s also likely true that you don’t have the time to write daily blog posts or edit videos while you’re engaged in the process of running and growing a business. A partnership with an expert digital marketing firm like Busy Bee Media is the solution.

Developing a Portland Content Creation and Marketing Plan

Here are some key tips for implementing a Portland content creation and marketing strategy that will drive engagement and grow your customer base:

  • Know your audience. Understanding exactly who you want to market to is a critical early step in building an effective marketing strategy, and this can be especially important when implementing a marketing strategy based on creating and posting content. Take some time to decide exactly who you are targeting and what kinds of messages will resonate with your desired audience. Next, you must figure out where that audience is spending their time online. This will determine how you promote and deliver your optimized content — for example, social media posts, email marketing, or blogging.

  • Localize. When creating content to promote a local service business or a brick-and-mortar location, localizing your content can be extremely effective. Find local resources and experts who can be interviewed to make your content come to life. This adds authority and authenticity to your content and has the bonus of building relationships in your field by reaching out to such resources. Localized data and statistics can also be a good way for certain types of businesses, such as medical practices, to highlight their link to the local Portland community.

  • Keep it fresh. Outdated content is bad for your website, even if it has excellent use of keywords and is search engine optimized. Some business owners fail to delete old content because they assume the more keywords on their website the better, but this can be a self-defeating philosophy. Web users who click on content that is badly outdated or no longer accurate will be immediately turned off and are unlikely to trust the source of that content going forward. Keeping website visitors and social media followers engaged means ensuring all of the content you post is either timely or evergreen.

  • Stay on top of search engine optimization (SEO). SEO best practices are always changing because Google and other search technologies are always updating their algorithms and web crawlers, sometimes in extremely significant ways. Today’s highly intelligent search bots are looking for authentic content that is both readable and actionable, rather than merely scanning for pages that are packed with the correct amount of keywords. Today’s SEO goes far beyond keywords. It extends to optimizing your website’s back end on the server side to ensure fast load times and cross-device compatibility.

  • Post then promote. Writing (or hiring out) awesome content and then getting it up on your website isn’t enough to drive engagement and grow your business. Promote your content through your social media accounts, e-mail newsletters, and other outlets at your disposal. When first growing a business, promoting new content on your personal social media or cross-posting to relevant groups and pages can also be a highly effective tool. You have great content — now don’t be afraid to share it! When the content is well-written, effective, and usable, others will then re-share it, increasing your reach.

Busy Bee Media: A Premier Portland Content Creation and Marketing Agency

When it comes to content based marketing strategies, it can be extremely overwhelming to try to handle it alone. Not only do you have to learn and master SEO strategies and the online technologies needed to create and post content on a technical level, but you also have to be a highly effective writer. For many business operators, there is simply no extra time to do all of this. Outsourcing your digital marketing and content creation needs to Busy Bee Media is a cost-effective solution. Reach out today and learn how we can deliver world-class content that can build brand loyalty and improve bottom lines for Portland businesses of all types.

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