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Email Scheduling & Frequency

Email Marketing Scheduling and Frequency

Plumbing might be an age-old profession, but how you communicate with your clients in the digital age can make all the difference. Email marketing has emerged as a powerful tool in the plumbing industry. Yet, one question often perplexes business owners: “How often should I hit ‘send’?” Here’s a guide to help plumbing companies find the optimal email marketing scheduling and frequency balance.

Why Scheduling and Frequency Matter

  • Avoiding Email Fatigue: Overloading your subscribers can lead to disinterest, increased unsubscriptions, or even getting marked as spam.
  • Maximizing Engagement: Finding the right frequency ensures your emails are anticipated and welcomed, leading to higher open and engagement rates.
  • Resource Optimization: Strategically scheduling emails allows for better use of resources in terms of time and finances.

Factors to Consider for Plumbing Companies

Nature of Content:

    • Promotional: Timing is essential for a special offer or discount. Consider sending these early when people are planning their week.
    • Informative: Monthly newsletters or seasonal tips can be sent less frequently on a weekend morning when readers have more time to engage.

Client Interaction History:

    • For new subscribers or recent clients, a welcome series (spaced out over a few days or weeks) can effectively introduce your services and ethos.
    • Long-term clients might appreciate quarterly updates, reminders for annual check-ups, or news about expanded services.

Local Events or Seasons:

    • Plumbing issues can often be seasonal. Schedule content around these times, like tips for preventing frozen pipes in winter or preparing plumbing for holiday guests.
    • If there’s a local event or community fair, time your email to align with it, especially if your company is participating or offering special event-related promotions.

Subscriber Preferences:

    • Let subscribers choose their preferred frequency (e.g., weekly, monthly, only promotional) whenever possible. It gives them control and increases the likelihood of engagement.

Best Practices for Scheduling and Frequency

Test and Learn:

    • Every audience is different. Consider A/B testing to see which frequency and days yield the best engagement rates for your audience.

Consistency is Key:

    • If you commit to a monthly newsletter, ensure it’s sent consistently each month. This predictability can build anticipation among your subscribers.

Respect Boundaries:

    • Avoid sending emails too early in the morning or too late at night. Mid-morning on weekdays often sees high engagement rates.

Monitor Unsubscribes and Feedback:

    • If there’s a spike in unsubscribes after a particular campaign, assess the content and timing. It might offer clues about subscriber preferences.
    • Encourage feedback. If someone unsubscribes, offer a quick survey to understand their reasons.

Use Automation Tools:

    • Many email marketing platforms offer scheduling tools that allow you to set emails to be sent at specific times, even adjusting for time zones if needed.

It’s More Than What Is Said. It’s How It Is Said!

In the world of email marketing for plumbing companies, it’s not just about what you say but also when and how often you say it. By understanding your audience, respecting their time and preferences, and consistently delivering value, you can ensure your emails are not just another drop in the bucket but a welcomed source of information and service.

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