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If you’re a roofer in a busy city like Phoenix, you should be finding new leads on projects to maximize profits and grow your business. The sort of constant customer outreach required to keep your schedule full and remind people that your company exists can quickly become a second full-time job in and of itself. When you’re spending long days up on your customers’ rooftops, you simply don’t have time to master digital marketing on the side. That’s where the expert team at Busy Bee Media comes in.

It all begins with identifying and zooming in on your desired customer base. This can look quite different depending on the area of Phoenix in which you’re working, the size of your business, your goals for growth, and what your specialties are (residential vs. commercial, shingles vs. metal roofs, etc). Once we know exactly who your desired clientele is, we can create a custom marketing strategy to reach and retain them.

To market a Phoenix roofing company effectively, you must work with a proven digital marketing agency that understands roofing so that you can trust them to represent you and your work. Even your most loyal and satisfied customers are extremely unlikely to purchase a new roof year after year, so your operation cannot grow without finding leads for new customers regularly. Effective digital marketing from Busy Bee Media allows your website to passively do this work for you while you focus on completing jobs. We will overhaul and optimize your entire online presence to make you as visible as possible to potential customers throughout Phoenix who may need your services.

Phoenix Roofer Marketing Strategies Custom Built for Your Needs

Marketing for roofers is necessarily a bit different from many other service industries. The nature of roofing creates something of a paradox when it comes to retaining pleased customers because once you’ve done your job correctly, it’s likely you won’t work with that same customer ever again, or at least not for many years. This is especially true if you’re specializing in commercial installs or metal roofs that are meant to last for decades. This means that marketing needs to focus on finding new business more so than retaining and supporting existing clients. Busy Bee Media understands this, the industry’s seasonal slumps, and the other complexities and subtleties that make working as an independent roofing contractor different from any other construction trade in small but significant ways.

These important differences between roofing and other services mean that marketing must be approached as a long-term and constant proposition. Elements of this approach might include:

  • High-quality SEO (search engine optimization). Filling your website with fresh, useful, well-written content that implements important search keywords is one of the best ways to make your brand more visible and accessible to customers throughout Phoenix.

  • Advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. SEO is extremely important, but it’s only one part of the digital marketing equation. Paid ads and “pay per click” placements can be an effective supplement to your SEO overhaul or may be used as a sort of bridge tactic to immediately beef up your search result placements while you wait for the long-term process of SEO improvements to begin raising your ranking organically.

  • Customer experience. Your website should be full of meaningful, optimized content. This actionable information should also be organized in a thoughtful and usable way. Aim to organize blogs and galleries intuitively and ensure that customers can contact you easily with no more than a click or two from any part of your website. Another crucial consideration for any modern business is to make sure your website functions equally well on a PC or mobile device.

  • Interaction. A great way to build your brand’s trust and visibility is to simply be active online. Many review websites allow business owners to respond to reviews. This doesn’t have to be something that takes up a lot of time. Simply using the opportunity to thank customers for their business or say something favorable about the project can go a long way toward humanizing your online brand. However, don’t use these platforms to get baited into drama, as that is never well received. Leave negative reviews alone unless you’re offering to make things right or responding to non-factual complaints in a direct and level-headed manner.

  • Social media. Yes, even roofers need to be using social media in the modern marketplace. Pre-plan your posts and rely on images of jobs well done so that you can generate content that doesn’t require a lot of time or typing.

Busy Bee Media: Roofer Marketing Services for Your Phoenix Roofing Businesses

Successful digital marketing can be a full-time job. Don’t let the need to increase your visibility online distract from your main work – you need customers, and your customers need roofs. Reach out to the experts at Busy Bee Media for help reaching all of your business growth goals through an end-to-end, fully customized digital marketing campaign.

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