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Search engine optimization (SEO) is complex and requires skill and time to maximize results. The best option for many companies is to tailor their SEO to the Phoenix area, narrowing down their competitors and market. Focusing your efforts on the city and surrounding areas you’re targeting can increase your ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs) and, in turn, help you interact more effectively with your consumer base. 

The Difference Between Local and Traditional SEO

In broad terms, you want to choose the type of SEO that matches the reach and capabilities of your business without limiting your audience or market.

Traditional SEO potentially reaches a large global market. This is a strategy that can greatly benefit a company that operates nationally or internationally, but it is more likely to overshadow a local business than promote it. Traditional SEO matches your website with relevant searches regardless of location, which means your website has to do much better in the SERPs to reach consumers. With traditional SEO, you’re potentially competing with the world.

Local SEO allows you to compete on a local level. When you run a business that targets a local market or a specific geographic region, Phoenix local SEO makes it possible to reach people who live or work in or are visiting that area. If you only need to market to your local community, local SEO is what you need. It will help you hone in on the right audience while narrowing the amount of competition you face online. 

How Phoenix Local SEO Works With Search Engine Algorithms

There are many strategies to push your SEO to become stronger and better for Phoenix web searchers, including keyphrases and keywords. Specifically for local SEO, your website and content should include popular terms relating to your business in combination with the area in Phoenix that you’re targeting. Using this strategy alerts search engines of your relevance in that area and then recommends your website in response to location-specific queries. When used effectively, this strategy helps you gain a competitive edge in your area. 

In a large city like Phoenix, using only Phoenix keywords may not be enough to narrow your marketing. You may also want to consider connecting with the smaller communities you’re targeting within the city. A carefully developed and properly executed local SEO strategy can help you reach smaller subsets within a large area like Phoenix.

Local SEO and Mobile Marketing

When people conduct local area searches, they’re likely to use their phones. When a potential customer wants to quickly find a place to eat or shop in Phoenix, they’re unlikely to fire up their desktop computer to search for it. People who are in the area will instead type a quick query into their phone. This is why your website must be mobile-friendly and search-worthy on a hyperlocal level. This allows you to reach potential customers who are already out and about in the area and searching for places to visit around your business. 

A professional local SEO specialist will optimize your mobile site and your Google My Business account to help your business appear higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This, in turn, helps funnel customers to your business. If your page is difficult to use or does not appear easily on a Google Maps search, you will miss out on potential business. A fine-tuned local SEO strategy capitalizes on these searches and brings more customers to your door. 

Phoenix Local SEO Services

Our experts at Busy Bee Media are trained in local SEO and want to help grow your business through local support and community reputation. When you partner with Busy Bee Media, we will explain the anatomy of local search and then implement strategies for your business, such as the following, to help you rank higher:

  • Optimize profiles for you on listing sites, such as Google My Business 

  • Manage backlinks to local sites

  • Publish location-specific content on your behalf

  • Gather reviews from customers 

  • Add name, address, and phone number (NAP) information to your site and directories 

Our local SEO experts will formulate a unique plan that is tailored to your business and help you reach the right people at the right time. Contact us today to get started.

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