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When you’re competing in a busy market like Phoenix, where the climate and water availability can turn landscaping into a complex science, you need to leverage every available tool to grow your customer base, maintain your edge, and remain relevant. Creating a high-end online presence to showcase your unique skills and services is one of the most cost-effective methods for helping your landscaping business to succeed. Even in a hands-on, outdoor field like landscaping, a high-quality website and digital marketing campaign can be the difference between a fully booked schedule and losing potential business.

Opportunities to gain new clientele for landscaping services are rather abundant in Phoenix. The climate creates very specific growing and soil conditions that require an expert touch to work with effectively. With new residential projects continuing to expand the sprawl of the greater Phoenix area, quality landscaping services will likely remain a top need for Phoenicians well into the future. Effective digital marketing strategies will help you hold on to your piece of that pie.

Busy Bee Media: Expert SEO for Landscape Marketing in Phoenix 

SEO (search engine optimization) is a fundamental aspect of effective digital marketing. SEO is the set of tools and processes by which Busy Bee Media’s experts will get your website to appear on or near the first page of Google results when people run common searches, such as “best landscaping in Phoenix.” SEO strategy involves layers of sophisticated marketing and content optimization techniques. Learning all of this can be daunting, and implementing it can be extremely time-consuming. A partnership with Busy Bee Media allows you to deal with all of these needs behind the scenes while you continue to focus on your passion for creating beautiful outdoor areas for your customers.

SEO is only one piece of the puzzle, however multi-faceted it may be. Other elements of a successful Phoenix landscape marketing package will include:

  • Social media. Over half of the world now uses social media in some form. If you’re trying to run a business but still not posting on social media, you are failing to leverage a powerful, low-cost tool that can drastically increase your brand’s visibility. This doesn’t have to be stressful or tedious. Landscaping and social media are both visual, so you can rely heavily on well-shot photographs of your jobs well done.

  • Interact with customer reviews. Simply replying to favorable reviews to thank your customers for their business is enough to increase your brand recognition and boost potential word-of-mouth marketing. These interactive touches can help turn the image of your business from merely a logo and a website to something that feels like a human endeavor. Try not to engage with negative reviews unless you’re responding to them in a factual and level-headed way. Usually, if a review is fake or intended to provoke you, you can file a complaint with the host (e.g., Google or Yelp!) to have the offending comment reviewed and possibly removed.

  • Pay-per-click and paid advertising. Social media and SEO can go a long way to helping you dominate the Phoenix landscaping market, but these strategies take time to build momentum and push your website to the top of search results. In the meantime, paid placements can be used as an effective short-term bridge to boost your visibility instantly. When implemented intelligently, organic SEO and pay-per-click advertising will be more cost-effective than traditional advertising routes.

  • Accessibility. Sometimes when business owners try to make their own websites, they fail to test the results on any device other than the one on which they made the website. Unfortunately, what was created for a desktop might look terrible or be completely non-functional when someone accesses your content on a mobile device. The experts at Busy Bee Media can ensure complete mobile optimization and cross-platform compatibility.

Grow Your Phoenix Landscaping Business With Busy Bee Media

No matter the size or specialty of your Phoenix landscaping business, a digital marketing partnership with Busy Bee Media is a fast and cost-effective way to meet your goals for growth. Our team of tech experts, design masters, and marketing gurus are ready to help take your operation to the next level with a fully customized digital marketing and content creation package. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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