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As a dentist, you likely focus on your patients’ mouths more than on your internet presence. Though this is exactly how it should be, it is important to think about how online marketing could help your practice. Digital marketing has the power to bring in new clients on a scalable level, providing you with growth that is manageable, sustainable, and genuine. 

In a large city like Phoenix, dentists and other professional services must stand out from the competition. Without distinction within your industry, it is much more difficult to bring in clients and stay afloat as a business. Our digital marketing services can help your dental practice to remain competitive while you focus on providing exemplary dental care to your patients. While you are an expert in plaque and cavities, we are experts in showing clients how great your services are and why they should visit you. 

Our Phoenix Dentist Marketing Strategies

We can develop a unique digital marketing plan that is tailored to your business, strengths, and goals. To do this, we use several different strategies that have proven to be effective and reliable. We are highly experienced in all areas of digital marketing. Therefore, we can provide an effective plan for your business. 

1. Search Engine Optimization and Keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a major role in your online presence. The goal of SEO is to make your practice’s website appear at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). As many internet users do not look past the first or second result, it is imperative to appear at the top of SERPs if you want to create organic traffic. Through keyword research and strategic placement, we can show the search engine algorithms that you have the information searchers want.

2. Reviews

Your dental office’s reviews are extremely important for creating new business. When individuals are searching for a new dentist online, they will want to see whether others have had a good experience. If there are no reviews or if the reviews are overwhelmingly negative, most users will move on to a different dentist’s website. 

We will use your reviews to your advantage by highlighting positive testimonials, resolving any negative reviews, and encouraging happy customers to write a statement about their experience. This way, your dental office seems much more appealing to potential customers who are browsing online.

3. Social Media Marketing

Though some people do not make the connection between social media and dentistry, there is a strong correlation. For service industries like dentistry, providing education and creating connections is what makes clients come back rather than find somewhere else to go. Social media provides you with an effective and low-cost way to connect with your clients. When you form and nurture these relationships, you are more likely to see repeat customers. 

4. Highlight Your Services

The world of dentistry is vast, and not every dental practice is the same. To distinguish yourself online, you must advertise all of the services you offer. Clients often have unique issues they wish to address, and they will be drawn to your practice if they see that you offer what they need. With our help, you can advertise all of your dental services and create a wide range of target audiences, ensuring you show up on a wide range of SERPs.

5. Pay-Per-Click

Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a great Phoenix dentist marketing strategy to create organic growth. Though SEO is extremely effective, it is a compounding strategy. This means it may take a while for your SEO efforts to gain traction and begin to work with the algorithm. PPC advertisements are a great way to jump-start organic growth and give your SEO the boost it needs to reach its full potential. Though this is not a long-term solution for your digital marketing woes, it can greatly improve your website ranking and bring attention to your site. 

Phoenix Dentist Marketing Services by Busy Bee Media

Our team at Busy Bee Media is ready to help you grow your dentistry, bring in new clients, and stand out from the competition. Whether your existing digital marketing needs a boost or you need to start from scratch, Busy Bee Media has you covered. For more information, contact us today.

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