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Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for digital marketing campaigns, and it’s more complicated than many people believe. Though keywords and evergreen content are crucial to make SEO work, there are other sides to the method that support the overall result. 

Technical SEO is a frequently ignored part of the optimization process because it occurs on the back end of your website. This hidden format has a significant impact on your website’s overall function and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), as it helps search engines to read your website and determine its relevance to a user’s search. This process is known as “crawling.” Without proper technical SEO, your on-page and off-page SEO efforts will be less effective because the search engine can’t crawl to see if you have the right information for the job.

Developing Your Philadelphia Technical SEO

Technical SEO is also underdeveloped because it is more difficult to understand than other SEO formats. However, many of the techniques used in technical SEO are straightforward and can help you understand how the method works. Try these tactics to better understand technical SEO and how it can be impactful for your website: 

  • Begin an XML sitemap. These features can guide users through your website to find the page that has the information that they need. This can also be a way to highlight changes and updates to your site, which is beneficial as algorithms constantly update their standards and requirements. The XML sitemap also allows increased site interaction for your users, which can support traffic on your site overall. 

  • Optimize your site for both mobile and desktop. There is a fairly even split between searchers who use mobile devices to search for a topic and people who use a desktop. If you are not optimized for both, search engines will notice and rank accordingly. If your mobile site is not efficient, you’ll show up lower down on mobile SERPs because the search engine knows that your site will be frustrating for mobile users:

  • Try AMPs (accelerated mobile pages). Though this format of coding is new to the world of SEO, it can help to eliminate some of the clutter and noise that occur on mobile sites. This can increase the usability of your mobile site, which is hugely beneficial for your ranking. 

  • Remove duplicates in your content. Duplicates in your content can make your website confusing and more difficult to use. This is especially true for search engines, as they use very straightforward criteria to identify information. Duplicate content often decreases a search engine ranking, so it is beneficial for your technical SEO to remove your duplicate content. 

  • Adhere to Core Web Vitals. Google’s Core Web Vitals uses loading speed and other key time-based factors to help rank websites. If your site is slow to load, you will rank below other sites that load quickly and smoothly. Slow sites are also irritating for users, and many will opt to leave yours for a different site if it doesn’t load quickly. Using a user experience (UX) designer to help you make your site efficient and user friendly can help you immensely. 

  • Secure your website with a secure sockets layer (SSL). Search engines take website security into account when guiding users to a site. The more secure your site is, the more confident the algorithm can be in recommending your site to users. You can also secure your site using HTTPS. Many users now know to look for https:// before a website rather than http://. Implementing this added security makes users more comfortable and more likely to stay on your site.

  • Use Google Search Console. You can make a free Google Search Console account to assess your website’s performance. This allows you to monitor your traffic and directly see the effects of any efforts you may implement. This program also highlights crawling errors, which gives you a sign when something isn’t working the way it should. 

Give Your Philadelphia Technical SEO the Attention It Needs

If your SEO strategy isn’t using all forms of SEO, including technical SEO, it isn’t performing at its maximum capacity. Our team at Busy Bee Media has extensive experience with Philadelphia technical SEO, and we can help to make sure yours is working properly. Contact us today for more information. 

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