Philadelphia Social Media Marketing

With new and ever-changing platforms, social media marketing creates unique opportunities for brands to get their message to their targeted audience through carefully constructed posts that can connect with consumers on a personal level.

Utilizing our decades of experience, Busy Bee Media has the expertise to guide your social media marketing campaign through its complex web of trendy but informative content. When done successfully, social media campaigns open the doors for your company to reach new markets that extend beyond Philadelphia. Our local team will work with you to develop a social media strategy that makes sense for your brand. We will adapt and modify that strategy for use across multiple platforms as well as in anticipation of new ones as well. Our team can allow you to remain focused on your day-to-day operations.

Paid Social Media Advertising in Philadelphia

Maximizing the returns from a successful social media campaign means you need to rely on more than just entertaining posts. Utilizing the features of paid social media advertising allows you to create content that brings brand awareness and interactive links that not only help create familiarity with your brand’s name, but also create opportunities for users to interact with your brand through direct links.

Paid advertising allows your brand to create targeted marketing to specific demographics. Social media uses algorithms to tailor content to users based on their own social media usage. That data can help put your brand in front of the eyes of those who are most likely to interact with it, share it, and benefit from it. When more users interact with your brand, more users begin talking about your brand which translates to more users potentially investing in your brand.

One of the benefits of paid social media marketing is the ease of ability to track your return on investment. Platforms provide data to paid content creators that allow you to see how many people are viewing your post, who is interacting with it, and even, if linked correctly, the number of users that are purchasing from your brand. Because the success of your business relies on the demand of your target audience, utilizing this data is a step that will drive your brand forward. 

The decisions on what and how to advertise can be a bit overwhelming, however. Different types of paid advertising appeal to different types of demographics. This means there is a little trial and error involved to find out what works best for your brand. The experts at Busy Bee Media know how to navigate the process and the decisions to make sure your brand is utilizing the right tactics and tone.

Social Media Marketing vs. Paid Advertising

Social media marketing ultimately refers to all the ways your brand utilizes social media. This part of the digital marketing campaign is where you really build your brand awareness. Utilizing connections to blogs and uniquely curated posts increases user knowledge. You control how your brand is presented to users so you can create the image that you want them to see, pass on, and know you by. Marketing piques the interest of potential customers while keeping current customers involved in your brand’s continued growth.

Paid advertising, however, is how your social media marketing turns into financial gain. Through this type of advertising, you are able to speak to your targeted audience with specific opportunities to purchase. The goal of marketing is to find ways to build a connected following with your brand while paid advertising is how your business maximizes your return on investment.

At Busy Bee Media, our Philadelphia experts can create the balance between marketing and paid advertisement that will continue to grow your brand. With our help, your social media marketing can build your brand to compliment the physical community of which you are a part. Keeping the community a part of your local business builds brand loyalty that allows your business to thrive. You can then focus on using the local loyalty you’ve built to expand to a more global market. Busy Bee Media has decades of experience that we will put to work for you. We will help you establish the social media presence that speaks to your current and future customer base. Contact us today to get started on your social media marketing campaign. 

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