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Digital marketing campaigns are powerful tools for the expansion of your brand. However, a look at many social media sites or YouTube comments can show you how critical the online world can be. One wrong post, picture, or video – even one that just connects with the wrong audience – can create a negative campaign about your brand. Reputation matters when you are running a company, and a poor reputation can have astronomical effects on your brand’s success.

It can seem almost impossible to keep up with all the user ratings, reviews, and feedback that customers provide, but at Busy Bee Media, we understand how important those processes are to your brand’s success. This is why we offer services that monitor and develop response plans for these very situations. You are in control of the outcome, but we will help you to develop the right plan that fits your needs.

Response Plan

Inaccurate statements or reviews that are unfair can cause your brand’s reputation to drop. Brands that are instantaneously reactionary without a clear plan, come across unprofessionally and lack credibility with users. Response plans need to be a part of any digital marketing campaign. In the event that the plan needs to be put into place, the company is ready, professional, and organized.

Negative reviews can cause any brand owner to become defensive and look to blame the user. A brand’s negative response to a review can drive people away. On the other hand, when a company has a response plan in place and they utilize it, they are more likely to attract new customers.

Responding to reviews can be difficult sometimes. With confirmation bias at work, we use positive reviews to confirm what we are doing is best, while often becoming defensive at negative reviews. When a customer takes time to review your brand, product, or service, you should take time to provide a response that is appreciative, reflective, or inquisitive.

Analyzing Social Media

Reviews are not the only place that a brand’s reputation can come into question. Attention should be given to any online location that mentions your brand or represents your brand. With Busy Bee Media’s analysis service, we can help you take ownership of how and where your brand is mentioned. Analyzing social media content for mentions is a great aspect of our Philadelphia digital marketing services. With our help, you will be able to collect the necessary data to know how your brand is viewed on social media and you will be able to utilize constructive responses that improve the relationships with your users.

As social media increases, so too does the reliance on users as a source of information. Unfortunately, there are not always fact-checkers that are dispelling information. However, analysis of social media mentions of your brand allows you to take control of that role. With Busy Bee Media’s help, you will see the data that highlights your brand’s reputation and the source of the information.

Additional Reports and Analytics

Busy Bee Media does not just collect the information and pass it along to you to decipher. We take the time to help you understand where the data came from and how to interpret that data so that you are able to convey the proper tone and response to your audience.

In addition to providing you with information about your digital relationship, we also take time to analyze the reputation of your competitors. Using comparative analysis, you can better understand how the value of your brand compares to others. Markets are always changing and the fluctuations in your reputation and that of your competitors can aid in understanding how the market is reacting to the products and services your brand provides in order to understand the trends and changes in your target audience.

Perception is reality. Your reputation can make or break your brand’s success when it comes to interacting with your audience. Gathering the right data and analyzing it to be sure you are meeting the needs of your targeted demographics can be time-consuming. Busy Bee Media’s expert reputation management teams can help you maintain a positive online presence through data collection, analysis, and response planning. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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