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As many business owners know, SEO is a key part of digital marketing. However, there are many categories of SEO, and it’s important to implement the right one for increased success. 

Philadelphia local SEO services are crucial for every business owner in the area. This category of optimization helps to boost your influence in your specific geographical area. For many businesses, local clients and traffic are the keys to overall success. Local SEO is key to a digital marketing campaign that has longevity in your market. Through locally-based searches, you can greatly increase your ranking on SERPs (search engine results pages) and create more reliably effective results.

How Is Local SEO Different? 

Local SEO is distinct from traditional SEO because it involves more of a micro client base. Traditional SEO aims to optimize your website within all of the searches across the internet. With the entire world’s worth of competition, it can be difficult to rank number one. For example, a small clothing boutique using traditional SEO is trying to compete with other clothing stores like Target and American Eagle, both of which have brand recognition, influence, and vast resources. 

Local SEO narrows the competition from the entire industry to the industry in your area alone. This makes the competition much less fierce and gives you a better chance of ranking highly. What’s more, potential customers are more likely to become actual customers for local companies. Consider services like plumbing or electrical work. Customers are not going to hire non-local companies for these services. They will always use local companies that serve their area. Local SEO makes sure you appear at the top of SERPs for local services, which is where you are more likely to gain actual customers. 

Highlight Location

The key to local SEO is showing the algorithm that you have the right information and the right location as well. Traditional SEO will show the search engine that you have the right content, while local SEO determines the location and narrows down the search. For example, adding your neighborhood or area to your keywords can help to catch locally-based service searches. In many situations, your location may be your only advantage over other optimized pages. 

A small boutique may not be able to compete with large companies in products or services, but it would have an advantage over these companies based on location. If someone is searching for clothes in Philadelphia, the boutique could optimize themselves to appear before large competitors for Philadelphia searchers. Narrowing location narrows the competition and makes it easy for smaller businesses to be seen online.

Mobile Sites and Platforms

A major part of implementing Philadelphia local SEO services will be optimizing for mobile sites and platforms. Many local searches appear on mobile sites or apps like Google Maps. If someone is looking for a “restaurant in Philadelphia” or “restaurants near me,” they are likely doing so on their mobile phone or via Google maps. Very few people sit down at a computer to search for local businesses in the moment. 

Optimizing your mobile site and your Google My Business account can help your site appear higher in the SERPs for these searches and help customers convert while on your page. If your page is difficult to use or does not appear easily on a Google Maps search, they will likely move on to some other website that is more optimized for their purposes. Local SEO involves implementing these changes to better capitalize on these kinds of searches.

Smartphones are a very common way for users to search for most anything. If your website isn’t optimized for mobile sites and Google Maps, you are losing out on a significant amount of business. Mobile is not an auxiliary or optional format for websites anymore. It is mandatory to optimize for mobile if you wish to gain new customers in your area.

Implementing Local SEO for Philadelphia Businesses

If you are looking for Philadelphia local SEO services, our team at Busy Bee Media is here to help. Our company specializes in local SEO, and we can help you to stand out in your local markets. From mobile optimization to localized keywords, you can trust us to provide exemplary resources for your digital marketing campaign.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact Busy Bee Media today.

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