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Though many of us take advantage of how easy and effective search engines can be, there is a lot of thought and calculation that occurs behind the scenes of each search. As search engines have developed, they have become increasingly effective at finding what we need and presenting it to us in the blink of an eye. 

When a search engine ranks websites on a results page, it considers a large number of factors. Of course, the site considers how many times the search keywords occur in the website’s content. It also considers the quality of the content, how quickly the website takes to load, and how much traffic the website gets. What many people don’t realize is that the search engine also takes a website’s reputation into account when ranking results. 

Reputation can be difficult to quantify in real life, but search engines have standards that don’t exist outside of the digital world. Using these standards to your advantage isn’t as complicated as it may seem. Link building is a key factor in establishing a website’s reputation, and it’s easier to use than you might think.

The Basics of Link Building

Within the text of various websites, you can often find hyperlinks to other pages or websites. Sometimes this is a link to a relevant study or story, while other times it’s a resource to buy or sell a product. No matter what the purpose of the link may be, the website that is being linked to is in a position of authority because they are acting as proof or backup for a point that the current website is trying to make. Think of the linked page as a reference for further information. This puts that website in a position of authority. You want to be that website.

If another website links to your website, your site receives a backlink. Backlinks show a search engine that you are a point of authority on a certain topic. The more backlinks you have, the higher your website will rank. The search engine believes you are a reliable source for certain queries, and users could benefit from your website. 

There is a delicate balance to link building. Of course, you want to be referenced on other websites. However, if you have too many backlinks, a search engine will flag you for “link spamming.” If a search engine believes you are link spamming, your ranking will fall rather than rise. It’s important to find a happy medium when exploring link building for your website. 

Philadelphia Link Building Services Tips

Link building isn’t complicated, but it requires some effort and attention. Fortunately, with some easy tips and tricks, you can execute a successful link building campaign for your company’s website. 

This is what you need to know: 

  • Create desirable content. The most honest and natural way to execute link building is through evergreen content. When you have good content, other sites will want to link to you. You will also get natural traffic because you have the information that users are looking for. Evergreen content is accurate, engaging, and remains relevant regardless of the time or place. Our team at Busy Bee Media can help you with a content overhaul if you believe that you are lacking quality content for your site.

  • Try guest posts. When you guest post on other websites, you can create content for a new audience. However, you can also incorporate links back to your own site — this works in many cases, but be sure to read the website’s policy about this. This way, you create content that others want to read while guiding them back to your site for more information. The other website gains the benefit of your expertise or perspective, and you gain backlinks. 

  • Check your links. Verify that the links you have embedded in your website are still live and still relevant. It’s not uncommon for websites to have faulty links or links to sites that are no longer live, which can hurt their reputation. Replace all of your broken links and backlinks to benefit both the host site and your site. 

Philadelphia Link Building Services

Our team at Busy Bee Media has been helping companies with link building for many years. We understand how competitive digital marketing can become, and we are here to help develop a marketing plan that works for you. For more information on our Philadelphia link building services, contact us online today

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