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Franchise owners are distinct from other business owners. Though you put in the work required of an entrepreneur, you also have the advantage of brand recognition. Despite this, you cannot rely on brand recognition alone to run your franchised business. 

No matter what industry your franchise falls within, SEO is extremely beneficial. You can gain attention and customers by implementing SEO into your website, Google My Business, social media, and more. When you focus on local clientele, you can create growth for your branch. This is especially true in a large city like Philadelphia, where there can be intense competition between franchises because they are close in proximity.

Local SEO Benefits Franchised Businesses

Local SEO benefits any business, but especially franchises in large cities. You need to do everything you can to stand out among other franchise locations in your area. It’s not enough to localize your SEO to Philadelphia. You have to concentrate on your specific neighborhood and community to be successful. When you become hyper focused on a certain area, you can show a community how you provide for their needs better than your competing franchise locations. 

Your objective is to appear on search engine results pages (SERPs) above other locations of your franchise. When this happens, other potential clients are more likely to visit your location over other franchise location options. If you neglect SEO, other franchise locations will appear first and steal customers, even if those customers are closer in proximity to you than your competitors. 

Using Philadelphia Franchise SEO

To capitalize on the potential business in the Philadelphia area, you can take a few steps to implement franchise SEO. By understanding these central topics, you can create a Philadelphia franchise SEO campaign that is highly effective and beneficial to your business. 

1. Focus on Your Location 

When you work your business’s community and geo-location into your content and SEO, you’ll help to bring in people who are nearby. For example, if you run a Subway in Queen Village, you should add keywords like “Queen Village Subway” to your content. This proves to search engines that you are a relevant result for searches like this in your area. The higher the density of these words and phrases, the higher you’ll likely rank on a page. It’s even important in this example to implement terms like “food in Queen village.” This way, individuals who don’t know the area can make a general search to see what options they have, and you will appear in the results.

2. Read Your Reviews

It can be very beneficial to take good reviews from various platforms and display them on your website and on social media. The more positive reviews, photos, and comments a location has, the more likely a customer is to visit. For example, if a person is considering two different Dominos locations and one has glowing reviews while the other has poor ones, the customer is more likely to go to the location with the good reviews. 

If you have poor reviews, take the comments into account when you implement changes in your business. Reply to the comments kindly and note what changes you have made so potential clients can see that you’re addressing the situation. 

3. Don’t Forget Google Maps

Google Maps is a significant resource that many people use to find businesses. Make sure your Google My Business account is up to date and you have current and relevant information. The easier it is for customers to find, contact, or research your location, the more likely they will be to visit. 

4. Use Brand Recognition

If you run your location’s social media, website, and other brand aspects, make sure you are using brand recognition to your advantage. The colors, fonts, and overall aesthetic of a business are important to draw in customers. Consider the efficacy of Pizza Hut’s iconic building shape. Even if a Pizza Hut moves locations, that building will still be associated with the company. Try to create that same cohesion and recognition for your location. 

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