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As more and more companies turn to online marketing, gaining the attention of users becomes a more challenging task every day. While hosting an online store helps add an important and vital layer to your business model, every other company in your space is trying to do the same. However, when utilizing professional web design and unique marketing strategies that consider your target audience, goals, and vision, you can stand out from the crowd to show how you differ from other brands.

Adding the support of Busy Bee Media’s e-commerce design and marketing services will add the expertise you need to help continue your company’s growth. Our team can not only help you reach customers online but also throughout the Philadelphia area. We know the difficulties up-and-coming businesses face and our experts know how to create the unique web design and marketing strategies you need to stand out from the vast number of competitors.

Is E-commerce for Me?

When customers visit a brick-and-mortar store, they may see a well-maintained property or its popularity, and that may appear enough to consider the business a success, with no need to venture out into an online component. However, the store is in a fixed location, limited to those customers who are able to physically visit and browse. When utilizing e-commerce services on your site, the scope of your potential customer pool drastically increases. 

Additionally, when effectively utilized with a strong marketing campaign, e-commerce allows business owners to create a brand voice that will appeal to the target audience and bring brand exposure to a wider audience. Not to mention all the new customers who will now visit your local store after first discovering your products online.

Because online shopping allows people to shop from anywhere, attracting new customers and being able to keep current customers that move away from your store’s physical area, opens a wide range of commercial opportunities. The time, energy, and love you brought to your physical store shows, but what if you could bring that same energy – and more importantly sales – to a wider worldwide audience? E-commerce provides the solution you never knew you needed.

Before you worry about the extra work this brings, consider that it can actually simplify and expedite many of the processes you already have in place. When professionally designed, e-commerce tools can help digitally track and organize sales, inventory, and transactions – which are all important elements of any company’s business model. You can also track information about your customers that allows you to be sure your products are reaching your target audience.

Engagement with your website allows the customer to learn about your company and your values so that you generate greater brand awareness. Empowering your customers through your site to make confident purchasing decisions builds your brand’s reputation. Greater customer satisfaction provided through e-commerce can be a very powerful tool.

Good E-commerce Design

When done correctly, good e-commerce design will not only keep current customers coming back but will attract new ones as well. It will express your brand’s style and allow for a positive user experience. The user needs to feel that the site is not confusing or difficult to navigate. When the design is right, users will return to your site and you will likely experience the added benefit of word-of-mouth marketing. Good e-commerce design can include:

  • Optimized search capabilities, including pricing options within your site to minimize product lists

  • Product descriptions that are simple and informative

  • High-resolution pictures that provide multiple viewing options, including zoom features

  • Ratings and reviews that allow honest feedback from customers

  • Options for customers to engage, including feedback forms and contact details

  • Security that instills confidence in users as they navigate and process secure information

  • Functionality that allows users to navigate and use the site on multiple devices

Professional E-Commerce Services

Creating a new ecommerce page that is focused on design, security, and functionality can provide the exposure that will help attract new customers while continuing to build confidence in existing customers. Make e-commerce a part of your digital marketing plan. Contact the expert designers at Busy Bee Media who can provide the services that will elevate your company's outreach.

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