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Online marketing is all about driving traffic to your site and enticing potential customers to browse, ultimately choosing to purchase your product or service. Using content creation is a crucial component of making this happen. In a large city like Philadelphia, you want your business to stand out. Use content creation to help make it happen.

Why Creating Content for Your Business Works

Hosting high-quality original content on your website in the form of a blog is an effective marketing strategy for many reasons. Not only can you appear more credible in your field by providing high-quality advice and information, but you offer potential customers something useful before they even choose your product or service, which leaves a positive impression of your business. Businesses should consider creating and maintaining a blog to:

  1. Build Credibility and Trust

    Choosing a business when you are looking for a particular service can be stressful, especially if the service will impact your life for a long time, such as finding a healthcare provider or someone to do work on your home. Potential clients often look to reviews when narrowing their choices, but how can they narrow the field even further? Often, they will browse the websites of their potential choices. If they find helpful and well-written blog posts as they browse, this can leave a positive impression on them as they realize your expertise in the area.

  2. Place Your Business Higher in Search Engine Results|

    Building and maintaining a blog helps with search engine optimization (SEO) for several reasons. First, it allows you to naturally incorporate keywords and phrases into your website that are being searched in your area. Knowing what words and phrases to include can be difficult, but the team at Busy Bee Media can do this research for you. A blog also helps with SEO as it allows for more backlinking to your website. Pages with more backlinks tend to appear higher in search results, as well.

  3. Give People a Reason to Stick Around and Share

    A boring website with little original content is not a place people will spend much time. If your blog is useful and engaging, potential customers will stick around longer which will leave a lasting impression. High-quality content is also more likely to be shared by website visitors, which can increase traffic to your website if people find your blog worth posting about on their social media accounts. For example, a chiropractor’s office could share things to look out for when starting a new fitness routine, or a roofing company could discuss how to prepare your roof for the winter. These are both shareable topics that can cause people who didn’t even know they wanted your service to realize they need it.

  4. Engage in Self-Promotion

    Blog posts provide the opportunity to create a call to action (CTA). This means after you’ve discussed your topic, you can end with a call to action for readers to contact your business to set up an appointment, consultation, or tour. If your post was informative and made the reader realize they need to act, this invitation at the end of your post can organically generate new potential clients.

Where to Find the Time

You may understand why content creation is so important but wonder where you will find the time to create the content. Writing a high-quality blog post isn’t usually as simple as choosing a topic and writing 500 words. Good content creation requires research and analysis while also considering SEO techniques and a professional writing style. At Busy Bee Media, we understand your forte is running your business, not writing about it, so we can help fill the role of content creation. Outsourcing your Philadelphia content creation and marketing needs will reduce your stress related to creating and maintaining a blog. 

Content Creation and Marketing in Philadelphia

Busy Bee Media offers a vast array of online marketing services, including content creation. Focus on your day-to-day business operations and leave the content creation to our experienced team of professionals. If you have a blog that you don’t have time to regularly post on, or would like to create a blog for your website, contact our team today to learn how we can help.

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