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Lower Cost & Increase ROI

Pay Per Click advertising – (also know as PPC Advertising) is where you choose keywords on a particular search engine and bid on those keywords. Every time someone searches for that keyword your business will be listed then when someone clicks on your link within the search engine they are directed to your site and you are charged whatever bid amount you placed.

While this can be a great source of leads, it can also be very time consuming and very costly. Most search engines like Google have protection from your competitors clicking on your links and running up a bill without generating any potential leads for your business, others do not. You need to know how someone will search for your business what will capture their attention with your listing and make sure once they click and are directed to your site your site will continue to peak their interest. Otherwise they will click on your listing, you are charged, and they will click the back button and go to the next listing and another potential lead is lost.

We are experts at getting you listed on the right PPC search engines, in an intrest peaking way, and take the time and stress away from you so you can focus on the running of your business.

This is a critical part of your advertising scheme. The more places your listed, the more your name is seen, the more likely you are to generate more business. While this is a great way of advertising your business and getting your business in front of potential clients immediately, it’s not the only way.

What Are your business Goals with PPC?

What we do is find out what your business goals & needs are by spending time trying to find what you are trying to accomplish. The main questions I always like to ask a business to get to the core of things are as follows:

1) What markets do you cover or would you like to cover?
2) What separates you from the other businesses offering the same products?
3) What is your business goal within the next 12 months?
4) Where is your business now?
5) What other types of advertising do you do?

The answer to those 5 questions can tell a lot about what your doing now, and where you are looking to take your business in the future. Of course there are other questions that will help us understand deeper, but without knowing your business there is no marketing professional or advertising agency that can help, no matter what they say. How can you help a business accomplish goals if you don’t know what those goals are? Some owners want to keep there business small and generate just enough revenue to live a “normal” life. Some business owners want to become the next BIG thing. Both are reasonable request but it is hard to tell what you need to do for a business without finding out what the business

Don’t wait, we can help you manage your PPC campaign

If you would like assistance in setting up a Pay Per Click marketing campaign or would like more information about pay per click and what it can do to help your business growth please contact us via email or call us at 800-690-5622. Busy Bee Media, Inc. has several years of knowledge in ad creation and implementation of successful ad campaigns. As a Google Partner we have access to talk directly with Google and get assistance in making sure your program runs as efficiently as possible. You don’t have to struggle anymore with your campaign set up, ad management & making sure your campaign is generating a positive ROI. Contact us today. We can help!