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SEO and its benefits to your website are all about attracting customers, but it’s a process that has a few moving parts. In fact, there are three crucial components to any New York City SEO campaign: on-page, off-page, and technical. Technical SEO is often the most neglected because it’s behind the scenes. However, that kind of mistake can mean leaving money on the table for your New York City business. Technical SEO relates to your website’s infrastructure, internal links, and how it categorizes content. All these elements relate to how Google and other search engines crawl your site to find answers to users’ queries. When all three elements of an SEO strategy work together, it should mean that your business ranks at the top of the SERPs, or search engine results page.

Factors to Improve Your Technical SEO in New York City

Most people understand that keywords make it easier for users to find them, but the back end of SEO work is often a mystery. From increased security to structured data, here are some elements to consider that will boost your technical SEO game.
  • Using SSL for increased security: Secure Sockets Layer, or SSL, is a way to make your website more secure, creating an encrypted link to your business instead of a traditional web link. Aside from increased security for you and your customers, leading search engines have announced a preference for secure servers, and their algorithms take an SSL certificate application on your website into account when combing for data.
  • Creating a site design compatible with desktop and mobile devices: With smartphones slowly taking over desktop computers, creating a website that can adjust to a different platform is a crucial technical aspect for your business. Much like an SSL application, search engine algorithms prefer multi-platform accessibility, and this compatibility gets taken into account when displaying search results.
  • Enhancing the speed of your site: Sites that load faster are all-around optimal for business performance, especially when it comes to search engine algorithms. Between optimizing your coding layout to using faster-hosting programs, your business site’s loading speed is one of the biggest ways your page can become favorable for search engine algorithms.
  • Avoid duplicate content: Mistakes happen, and sometimes in the design process, duplicate pieces of content can create issues with the user-friendly side of your website, as well as its readability by search engine algorithms. Removing these pieces of duplicate information is favored by larger search engines, so streamlining and optimizing your website design is always part of fixing your technical SEO issues.
  • Making an XML sitemap: XML sitemaps act as a guide for your site and help show the different locations, modifications, and updates on your website. Providing this data is helpful for search engine algorithms by providing an outline of any content updates or SEO keyword integration used in your site that could be more relevant for newer searches.
  • Creating a structured data markup: Working alongside an XML Sitemap to provide a guide, a structured data markup helps create a more detailed description of the content on your page. By utilizing different “rich snippets” for content organization, the ability for customers to click through your website between interactive sections, like reviews and comments, helps increase traffic and provide a higher likelihood of search engine algorithm attention.
  • Looking into AMP applications: Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, is a newer form of coding software that helps optimize your website coding to create a more streamlined, less cluttered mobile version of your site. These codes go hand in hand with creating mobile accessibility for your business and help create faster content delivery to your users by optimizing your site for easier navigation and display, which can all boost your favorability with search engine algorithms.

Boost Your NYC Business’s Technical SEO With Help From the Experts

Making sure your website is technically efficient, beyond the general aesthetic website design, is a huge asset for optimizing your page’s favorability with different search engines. From reshaping your coding intricacies to using a faster host, technical SEO design renovations can help make your site more accessible and easier to navigate for search engine algorithms, benefitting both your business and your customer’s experience on your site. Trust your technical SEO to Busy Bee Media. For a complete overview of our services, including testimonials for satisfied customers, visit our website and contact us for an evaluation today.
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