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New York City Reputation Management

Attracting new customers and enticing them to choose you over your competitors requires a positive reputation—especially in a large and competitive market like New York City. This means you always need to monitor and improve your company’s image online. Many factors can affect how potential customers see your brand online, from the reviews they read to how you present your company on its homepage.

Keeping up with the ever-growing need to innovate and appeal to your market’s demographic can be overwhelming on top of the other day-to-day tasks of running a business. When you need to hand off the additional but necessary work of managing your business’s online presence, we provide the professional edge you need. We can help with image and branding and offer our expertise and experience in reputation management.

Busy Bee Media for NYC Reputation Management

Our reputation management services incorporate many tasks and strategies to keep an eye on everything related to your company’s image. First, we monitor the web, collecting necessary information, which is then sorted into four categories: visibility, reviews, mentions, and competition.

Once this information is compiled, we will send you an email alert so that you can see the results as soon as they’re available. Then, we’ll compile and send an executive report that contains all the information we’ve collected for you. Depending on your need, you can expect to receive an executive report in the mail periodically, either weekly or monthly.

Visibility Monitoring: Giving potential customers inaccurate information is a surefire way to drive those potential customers away from your business and tank your search engine results. You need to ensure that all the data presented online is up to date. This includes everything from your contact information to your hours of operation.

Visibility reporting involves monitoring your online data, verifying whatever is correct, and updating whatever is wrong. Even if you didn’t originally provide the data listings, we’d work to make sure the information is accurate. This way, you will appear higher in customer searches and be perceived as more trustworthy overall.

Reviews Monitoring: It’s important to be aware of what customers are saying about you. While not all concerns and demands are reasonable or possible to meet, knowing the discourse surrounding your company can help you address any problems. Furthermore, it will prove that you’re interested in taking feedback and improving for the better—even if that feedback is not directly provided to your company.

Our reviews monitoring automatically collects reviews and ratings from dozens of popular company-rating websites, including Yelp,, and CitySearch. We will then share the information with you, so you can see what everyone is saying and act accordingly to keep your reputation growing in a positive way.

Mentions Monitoring: “Mentions” pop up whenever your company is referenced in an unstructured source, such as a blog, social media post, or online news article. While these mentions can be a great source of data on how people discuss your company in general, it’s not possible for one person to monitor the entire internet for mentions and analyze them simultaneously. Instead, let us be the ones to find those mentions for you and gather the data, so you can focus on using that data to help your company improve.

Competition Monitoring: Your company does not exist in isolation. Therefore, information on how your company is faring should not be taken in isolation either. You also need to know how your competition is doing. We’ll give you graphs to reveal how often your company is being searched for or mentioned compared to your competitors. If they’re doing something right and it’s giving them more customers or positive reviews, being able to adopt a similar strategy might be the only way to go. On the other hand, if they’re struggling, then you can take a look at what their mistakes might be and correct those for your own company, if necessary.

Busy Bee Media for Reputation Management in New York City

If you have any questions about reputation management or any other marketing services we provide, visit our contact page or talk to a live representative. Busy Bee Media can show you how to take ownership of your company’s online presence and can create a personalized strategy for managing your reputation.
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