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New York City Pay Per Click Marketing

Creating keyword-rich content for your company website is an essential SEO strategy for ranking high in SERPs (search engine results pages). However, your New York City business has another option for reaching coveted top-page listings: pay per click. Pay-per-click advertising, or PPC advertising, is a system that allows you to only pay for advertisement visibility based on customer interactions with your ads. Each time your advertisements are clicked on, you pay for that interaction. Overall, pay-per-click marketing is a great way to boost your New York City business’ visibility and attract new customers.

What Is PPC Marketing?

PPC marketing is a digital marketing strategy centered around clickable advertisements for your business. You place ad content related to your business by bidding on certain advertisement spaces for customers to see in various web locations. The links marked with an “ad” signifier at the top of SERPs after searching a keyword are the most commonly seen example of this type of advertisement. While the ad space goes to the highest bidder, you only pay for each interaction a customer makes with that ad, such as by clicking it. PPC advertisements are hosted by different kinds of web pages, ranging from social media to search engines, creating a wide range of advertising opportunities for your business. Text ads, video ads, or image ads are all clickable media used in PPC advertising, each generating more customer traffic. PPC marketing uses the existing traffic of search pages and other websites as a conduit for driving traffic back to your homepage. This places your business’s visibility alongside content of similar interest. You may, for example, secure ad space at the top of a SERP for a prime keyword related to your business. Then, when a potential customer searches for “plumber in New York City,” your business would be one of the first they’d see. Alternatively, you may place an ad image on a webpage containing a video related to your service or product that leads customers to your website when they click on it.

The PPC Auctioning Process

One of the biggest components of implementing a PPC marketing plan is the ad auctioning process. PPC advertising plans are built on available advertising space and dispersed to businesses based on several factors. Relevance, value, platform, and media used in each ad are considered in the bidding process, as web pages try to fill the ad space with the most fitting advertisement. The auction process might begin with a certain keyword search term, for example, “bagel shops.” Search engines then see if there are any bids on that particular keyword search, leading down two potential paths of displayed results. If no advertisers bid on those keywords, the results displayed will be ad-free. However, if there are bids on that keyword string, PPC auctions will begin. The search engine then determines the best fit for each ad space, displaying the top advertisements along with its own search results for that search term.

Benefits of PPC Marketing in New York City

PPC marketing plans help tailor a targeted audience for your services. Choosing advertisement space on relevant sites helps encourage customers already searching for similar services to visit your page. Payment for your ad space is calculated through direct clicks on that ad rather than mere visibility. This means you still generate business and increase visibility regardless of customer engagement. Visibility is the biggest gain in a PPC marketing plan, and because payments are only required for each click, the return on investment for your ad space is considerably high.

Integrating Pay-Per-Click Marketing Into Your Business Model

PPC marketing is an extremely effective tool in any business’ comprehensive digital marketing plan. Depending on your business services, current advertising plan, service market, and business standing, PPC marketing may increase your customer base and establish a firm company branding. As with all digital marketing services, the right plan is key to creating a successful model for your business, and the best plans start with the most reliable agencies. Busy Bee Media’s team of experts is well-versed in all realms of digital marketing. When it comes to PPC advertising, our team considers the aspects of your business that will benefit the most from PPC optimization. We will evaluate your website design and advertising needs and create a unique digital marketing plan for your New York-based business. This plan will be optimized to help you grow your clientele and increase your brand's visibility. For a full list of our current business offerings, visit our website and contact us today.
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