Q: Why Is Search Engine Optimization in New York City So Important?
A: Search engine optimization, or SEO, in New York City allows you and your business to be found more easily whenever a potential customer uses a search engine, such as Google or Bing. Usually, this revolves around using specific keywords that are popular in the market. For example, if your company is a bakery based out of New York City, you’ll need to incorporate specific and related terms that people commonly use in their search, like “baking services,” “New York City bakery,” and “New York City cake makers.” The better optimized you are, the more likely you’ll be a recommended result in these searches.

Q: How Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work?
A: “Pay-per-click” advertising, or PPC, only charges the advertiser when someone clicks on the advertisement itself. This makes pay-per-click advertising a low-risk method of marketing your brand. It helps drive traffic to your website without costing you a penny if the advertising attempt fails. Busy Bee Media can set up PPC advertising for you and help you keep track of how each advertisement is faring.

Q: How Many New York City Companies Have You Worked With?
A: Over the last several decades, Busy Bee Media has partnered with over 200 companies, each one working in a diverse field and operating in various cities all over the United States. Many of these partners have become friends of the business and consider us a valued part of their operation. You can see some of our recent customers on our testimonials page.

Q: Can You Help My New York City Business?
A: We pride ourselves on being able to help customers in a range of markets and locations. Our customers have and will always be our top priority. Regardless of your market, we can help you stand out from the competition and achieve an excellent online presence to attract the customers you’re after. From retailers and attorneys to home services and more, your company will always find help from Busy Bee Media.

Q: Can You Help Write My Content?
A: It may seem easiest for many business owners to rehash basic information on their websites or even just rely on an image-heavy site. Many just hope their experience and beginning SEO will persuade them. However, customers like to see companies with unique voices and content. And unique content is a part of your SEO toolkit. You have your own identity and goal, and it’s important to have writing that reflects who you are and not just what you do. This is why Busy Bee Media offers copywriting and content writing services—to help you stand out not just in practice but also on paper. Our service offers more than merely landing pages and informative blurbs. Having a host of related and interesting blogs on your website will help people come back for more and trust your business as a resource who with expert knowledge about the industry they specialize in.

Q: What’s So Important About Website Design?
A: Your website is often the first real impression a potential customer will get of your business. If they’re hard to navigate, poorly formatted, or even full of distracting or poorly chosen graphics and colors, those potential customers will leave the site and turn to a competitor simply because their website isn’t so overwhelming. Even if they stick around, a poorly designed website might leave some important links hard to access, so services that would otherwise be sought after might just go completely unrecognized. It can also tank your SEO. We know the importance of a properly coded website and can help you achieve something that isn’t just useful but unique, capturing your business’s unique brand and aesthetic. You don’t need to sacrifice style for function; just tell us your vision and let us work our magic.

Q: How Long Do Your Services Take?
A: The speed of our results depends on several factors specific to your situation, such as how much data you need, how much competition you have, and exactly what service you’re after. We prioritize quality every time in the race between quick work and high-quality performances. This means it may take a while to complete our services, but once we’re done, you can trust that we’ve delivered a good product to help you. For specifics, contact us for a detailed, no-cost evaluation.

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