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Let’s talk about marketing your electrician business in New York City. Your business goals are as unique as your business itself. A targeted digital marketing strategy can help you increase your leads, grow your team of electricians, or expand your service area. Whatever your goals may be and whether you’re large or small, you need an effective digital marketing strategy. When you’re busy handling your company and making sure your current customers are happy, leave the marketing to the experts. With the right partner on your side, you can meet and exceed your New York City electrician marketing goals with Busy Bee Media. We will help you develop a digital marketing campaign to grow your business.

How to Start an Electrician Marketing Campaign in New York City

If you’re starting your marketing from square one, there are a few different questions you need to ask before diving in:
  • Who is your target audience, or who are you trying to reach?
  • What services do you specifically want to highlight, or are there certain services that you specialize in?
These two simple questions will help you with a starting point for your digital marketing journey.

Where to Focus Your Electrician Marketing Dollars

Knowing where to put your time, effort, and marketing dollars can ensure you put your energy in the right place and have an effective strategy.  If you currently have a website or are looking to develop a website, you’ll want to know how to focus on the best SEO tactics to make your website as visible as possible. When someone searches for “electrical services near me,” you want your website to be one of the first that pops up. The goal is not to overtax your time or resources but to maximize the returns. You can do this in a few ways:
  • Leverage SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is an ongoing process that helps your website get to the top of the SERPs—or search engine results page. From the words you use on your site to how your site runs, optimizing it so that your NYC electrician business is at the top of the page can offer incredible results.
  • Focus on user-friendliness. So many consumers primarily use mobile devices or tablets that websites that aren’t mobile-friendly have essentially become obsolete. Likewise, keeping your website user-friendly overall can mean less frustration for potential customers. Give them easy-to-access “buttons” so that anyone of any age can find you and interact with your site easily.
  • Understand your marketing budget. Marketing involves many factors, but you are swimming upstream if one of those isn’t a digital campaign. Whatever your budget, investing in technical SEO should be your first step. Consider it your storefront—it should look good and function well.
  • Utilize blogs. Your content should be rich with keywords that help Google and other search engines find your site as an answer to user queries. However, there’s only so much you can say on a site that speaks to your audience and those bots. Well-crafted and keyword-rich blogs help both. A how-to-change a light fixture blog will make Google’s crawlers assume your site is an authority while giving users some insight into your industry. It’s also an easy way to lower your bounce rate—how quickly users leave your site. The longer users stay to read a post, the more search engines will care about your site.
  • Reviews matter. People check reviews, especially when it involves craftspeople like electricians. Ask your clients to give you reviews after you’ve done work, and perhaps share a link to Yelp, Facebook, or your Google page for them to do so. Online reviews go a long way to establishing credibility—it’s the new “word of mouth” marketing. Part of any digital marketing campaign should consider reviews and how to respond to them online.

We Can Help Your NYC Electrical Contractor Company Grow

Digital marketing for electricians in New York City can be complicated, but you don’t have to do it alone. Let the team at Busy Bee Media put our skills to good use. You handle the electricity, and we can make sure your target audience finds you. Contact us today to develop a digital campaign to grow your electrician business.
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