National Internet Marketing

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National Internet Marketing

National Internet Marketing & SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The idea of promoting one’s website through National Internet Marketing has come of age. This is true especially if you are able to sell your product or services across the US instead of just your local or regional markets. This is the time for geo-targeting, increasing your visibility online, by making sure you implement a strategic National Internet Marketing strategy that will let your potential clients know you can service or ship to their locations at an affordable & comeptitive price.

We at Busy Bee Media believe that local businesses that are located, and/or does business in a specific geographical location, should consider National Internet Marketing as part of their internet marketing strategy. ComScore research shows that up to 90% of search engines queries result in purchases from brick and mortar business. It is also encouraging to note that the same research shows that up to 82% of those who use local searches actually end up calling, visiting or even purchasing from the stores that come up in the search engine results.

Google further bolsters the effectiveness of a good National Internet Marketing strategy by reporting that 73% of activities done through the internet are somehow related to local content. If content is king, then we at Busy Bee Media claim that geo-targeted content is the heir apparent.

With more Americans opting for geo-targeted searches, it would be beneficial for your company to consider a National Internet Marketing for your business. There was a time when the phone books and the yellow pages ruled the consumers’ world. But that time is long gone, and modern-day consumers are using the World Wide Web to search for products and services that can respond to their needs.

We can help you implement a National Internet Marketing strategy that will make your business more competitive nationwide while also marketing to your local searchers. You may not be the first business in your niche to implement a National Internet Marketing strategy, but by doing so, you will be able to compete with the other companies that may already be on the first page for national searches.

There are strategic places online where you must be visible and with National Internet Marketing, you will finally be able to maximize your presence in a wider platform including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo and Google.

So what types of business will be able to benefit from National Internet Marketing? Almost all businesses with a nationwide audience can benefit from a strategic National Internet Marketing strategy. You may be a boutique hotel with branches nationwide, providing travel packages and allied services to a nationwide audience, or you may be a brick and mortar hardware business with various branches nationwide. or who can drop ship products nationwide Whatever your niche is, you need to make your site visible to your consumers who may be searching for the specific products and services you are offering at this very moment.

Visibility in these platforms will make your site visible and accessible to your target market. We are eager to discuss the various possibilities for your business using a National Internet Marketing strategy. We can help you achieve top rankings in the search engines through National Internet Marketing. Email us or call us now, so we can help get your site to the first page of the search engines sooner than you think!