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Search engine optimization (SEO) is likely the most powerful tool in a business’s digital marketing plan. Unfortunately, most businesses completely ignore one crucial component of SEO, technical SEO. Technical SEO refers to a site’s framework and content structure – both of which can help your business get the attention from search engines it needs to reach your target audience. 

Technical SEO makes the website run so that search engine crawlers can easily find and index the content on your site. Once search engines see your site as a reliable source for user queries, then they will offer your site as an answer in the search engine results pages (SERPs). As the crawlers review your content, they look at the usability, reliability, and trustworthiness of the information you present in link building, keywords, and off-site support. Speed and reliability matter, too. The more satisfactory these results, the better your site appears to search engines.

Methods to Improve Your Miami Technical SEO

Technical SEO can be difficult to understand, even though it is a significant factor in your business plan. However, you can boost your potential clientele with technical SEO through different methods businesses should apply. These examples of Miami technical SEO can help clarify an SEO strategy’s role in your digital marketing campaign:

  • Optimize for Mobile and Desktop. You must optimize your website for mobile and desktop users to attract your desired clientele. However, it is more than having the option available; Optimizing for mobile and desktop formats is about ensuring that the functionality of your content is equal on both platforms. When search engines evaluate your site, they consider its functionality on multiple platforms before ranking it on the SERPs. Search engines often prioritize mobile-friendly websites over those that aren’t. This adaptation helps to establish your brand recognition.

  • Develop a Secure Website. Nothing will deter traffic faster than a sketchy website. Your website users want to know that your site is safe to browse and interact with. If your website has increased security, search engines will award it a better ranking because users will be able to trust it. Technical SEO adds a secure sockets layer (SSL) that encrypts your website’s link.

  • Consider Website Content Quality. User-friendly websites should be the ultimate and ongoing goal. If you have challenging-to-understand, duplicate, or outdated content, it can confuse the visitors to your website. The poor quality content will also result in negative scans by search engines on your page, meaning your SERP ranking will be lower. Focus on creating valuable content that keeps your website users engaged.

  • Increase Site Speed. Efficiency, speed, and user experience are all part of the ranking system used by search engines. Keeping your site technically optimized lets it rank well above those that aren’t. Decrease your page’s load time by implementing optimized routes to improve user experience.

  • Add an XML Sitemap. A sitemap will facilitate your users’ navigation and exploration of your website. It also keeps a documented track of all the changes made over time. The purpose is not to include every page on a sitemap but focus on the most important ones, such as the “About” or “General Overview” pages. XML sitemaps outline the layout of your site for search engine crawlers and algorithms while allowing better navigation for users.

  • Consider Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs). This specific type of coding improves user experience on your website. A lot of noise and clutter can disrupt your site’s usability, but AMPs eliminate those distractions. Reduce the clutter to impact the speed and look of your website directly. This improvement makes it more appealing to search engines, resulting in higher rankings.

SEO is complicated on its own, but technical SEO requires an experienced and skilled team. Give yourself time to run your business, and Let Busy Bee Media get your website where it should be to find your Miami customers. 

Your Miami Technical SEO Strategy

Implementing technical SEO strategies can be difficult, mainly when you focus your energy on taking care of your current customers. At Busy Bee Media, our SEO experts have the knowledge and experience to accomplish your business goals without taking your time away from what’s important: keeping the day-to-day operations of your business moving forward. Contact us today if you’re ready to implement a digital marketing campaign with solid technical SEO strategies.

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