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Though roofing companies are vital in many aspects and provide a necessary service, many different roofing companies exist in Miami. Whether you are newly breaking into the roofing market or have been in business for decades, increasing sales by growing both business and profit is essential. However, staying on top of the market will be challenging with all the local competition. A solution to fighting the competition and staying on top of the market is implementing a solid digital marketing campaign to quickly grow your profits and customer base. 

For your Miami roofer marketing campaign to succeed, you must choose the digital marketing agency that best represents you and your work. Your website and digital marketing campaign must target roofing leads or consumers who need roofing services. You must choose a company that can tailor your digital marketing to understand and target these customers so your business can experience the growth you desire. With assistance from Busy Bee Media, you can be confident that your company will profit from your website optimization and media marketing campaign. 

Miami Roofer Marketing Strategy

Roofing companies must operate within a different business model than many other business types. This is because a high-quality roof will not need a replacement for many years, so it is not common for you to see the same customer or roof again. Wood tiles or asphalt roofing can last between 15 to 25 years, and stone or metal tiles can last upwards of 50 years. When you do your job correctly, completing more than two large-scale roofing jobs on the same house is unlikely. For this reason, your customer base must grow with a continuous, targeted search for potential customers that turns interested parties into paying clients.

For a roofing company’s marketing strategy to be effective, it must constantly bring in new customers. Though one-size marketing will not fit many roofing companies, several different methods will help your marketing strategy succeed for your business. 

  • Strong search engine optimization, or SEO. Search engines will rank websites based on the quality of the content present, as well as how user-friendly the content is for consumers. To rank well, your website must contain up-to-date and relevant content that potential clients can easily and intuitively reach. We can assist with developing content that contains specific keywords that will maximize your reach to consumers in need of your services. Your website can build momentum and trust with consumers through its search engine rankings. 

  • Search engine advertising with pay-per-click (PPC). While you can boost your SEO with quality content on your website, you can climb to the top of the search engine’s page even faster with paid advertising. You only pay for PPC advertising if someone clicks on the link and visits your website. These ads can be beneficial tools for your advertising campaign, but they require careful planning to implement correctly. 

  • User-friendly website design. Effective website design can ensure all potential customers can easily navigate and find the pages they are searching for. Potential clients needing roofing services may visit your website from a desktop or mobile device, and you must optimize your website for both types of customers. 

  • Proudly showing your reviews. Good, strong reviews from previous customers will show potential customers that your company is trustworthy and produces high-quality work. Prompting your clients to leave a review after you have completed a job for them with an email marketing strategy is an excellent way to build your review numbers. All reviews can increase your reputation, as even negative reviews provide potential clients insight into your values and integrity in the face of any issues that arise. 

  • Content and social media marketing. Content marketing, primarily through visual and written forms, is an excellent method to inform customers of your services. Social media advertising is an effective way to connect with new customers while re-targeting potential clients who have previously visited your site. Effectively using these avenues to create relevant advertisements can help target your ideal client base, turning potential clients into paying customers.

Busy Bee Media for Your Miami Roofing Business

It can seem overwhelming to create and implement a digital Miami roofer marketing campaign that will afford you the best returns for your investment. Fortunately, the experts at Busy Bee Media can take this labor off your hands and design a marketing plan that will keep you competitive in the Miami roofing market. To get more information, schedule a consultation with us today.

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