Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Can You Help My Social Media Presence?

A: Because social media is such a large industry with such significant potential, we have a variety of services available for companies who wish to perfect their social media presence. We can create social media accounts for you, we can manage your social media presence, and we can run your social media campaigns. All our social media services are customizable, meaning that we can participate in your company’s social media strategy as much or as little as you would like. Our methods are up-to-date and offer reliable results to meet your social media goals.

Q: What Is Search Engine Optimization? Why Is It Important in Marketing?

A: Search engine optimization is a practice that encompasses a series of strategies that deal with search engine results pages. When an individual types a word or query into a search engine like Google or Yahoo, they will rarely scroll past the first few results. Search engine optimization aims to get your website to appear within the first few results so that more people see and visit your website. Search engine optimization is important in marketing because it helps to amplify other marketing strategies and gets more people to see and visit your online platforms. This is ultimately the goal of digital marketing. 

Q: What Is PPC? Why Is It Important in Marketing?

A: PPC, or pay-per-click, is a marketing strategy in which a company pays to appear in certain coveted spots on the internet. These spots are often at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). As mentioned, most people do not scroll past the first few results, meaning that paying to appear in the top spot can get a lot of people to click on your website. The benefit of this strategy is that you only pay if someone clicks on your link, and you otherwise do not have any financial obligation. 

PPC can benefit your overall marketing strategy by getting the process moving. It may take a while for the benefits of search engine optimization to get you to the top of a search engine results page, but Pay-Per-Click can create an influx of visitors that will help to create search engine optimization benefits.

Q: How Much Are Miami Professional Digital Marketing Services?

A: The cost of your digital marketing strategy will depend upon your tactics, the services you need, and the extent of our involvement. We tailor all our digital marketing campaigns to the unique client, meaning that you are getting a plan that meets your needs and works toward your goals. This is unique to Busy Bee Media, as many digital marketing companies have set plans and strategies that they use for all their clients. Because we are creating a personalized plan for you, we can take your budget into account when building a strategy. Be sure to mention any financial limitations you may have during our initial consultation. 

Q: Can Busy Bee Media Track and Report My Marketing Progress? 

A: Yes. We use tracking and reporting software that helps to tell us how your campaign is doing, where improvements should be made, and the effect that certain strategies have on your overall online success. We give you access to the raw data that we find to ensure that you have all the information as well. This allows us to adjust as needed to ensure that we always use the most effective strategies in your campaign. 

Q: My Industry Is Competitive, Will Digital Marketing Work?

A: With the right strategy and effort, digital marketing can work in even the most competitive industries. As part of our services, we offer competitive audits, during which we assess your top competitors to find what they are doing well and where they are lacking. This gives us the ability to utilize the strategies that work and omit the ones that don’t. If your competitors are ignoring a key demographic or industry, we can help you to fill that void and bring in more customers. 

Q: Why Do I Need a Digital Marketing Strategy? 

A: The digital world is dominant in our society and therefore is the best place to advertise your business. Digital marketing strategies allow you to remain relevant and competitive in modern markets. If you do not have a digital marketing strategy, you will fall behind your competitors and lose business.

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