Marketing Consultation & Ad Buying
Take the guess work out of marketing

From the moment you envision your dream of opening your own business to the conception of making it happen, a lot of people in the business world forget one of the most essential ingredients to ensure their business success; Marketing! Without marketing your business, how are people suppose to find you? Marketing plays a huge role in the growth of your company. From generating new business and referrals, to staying top of mind of current customers, marketing is the best weapon in helping build a solid foundation.

There are several marketing avenues that all have a purpose in this world. The first step is figuring out what budget you want to spend in your marketing ventures, and what return you are looking to generate. Keep in mind, not all types of marketing are going to bring clients into the door immediately. With this in mind, you need to combine your short term goals (within the next 12 months) and long term goals (within the next five years) into your marketing plan. This will help you benchmark targets and effectiveness throughout your marketing campaign.

Research, Verify, Commit, Track & Review

You want to research the marketing avenues to see which line up best with your short and long term goals (e.g., bringing in customers now, and branding customers for the future). NOTE: Avoid taking the word of the sales rep for each specific media type. The opinions, surveys, and numbers can, and in most cases will be skewed in favor of what they are selling you. There are several sources online that will give you unbiased opinions of each media type. Not all businesses are alike, and what your competitor may consider a successful campaign, may be viewed by you as a failed one.

Next, you will want to verify your research by talking to other business owners or groups. Being a member of the Chamber, BNI or other business groups can help you tremendously with not only this portion but other aspects of running your business and generating new clients.

Once you have completed your research and verified you’re on the right course of action. You want to commit yourself to the marketing program for a specific amount of time. Without a commitment in most cases, you are wasting your valuable advertising dollars. I would usually tell our clients they want to commit to a three-month trial run. Nothing of value can be built in a day, and this goes with your marketing campaign as well, sometimes your best ally in marketing is repetition. The campaign you commit to should have your goals in mind whether that is product awareness, special offers or great new services to generate new business immediately, and branding to always stay top of mind to potential customers.

Tracking Your Marketing Results

Tracking advertising spend is critical to businesses. It is incredible how many companies spend tens of thousands of dollars on advertising without taking the time to track. It has been said only about 25% of the marketing dollars spent provide results in one form or another. That means 75% is wasted on marketing that never brings a return at all. That is a large number, and the larger your marketing budget, the larger that number becomes. I have a hard time believing this is the case for most businesses, but I have seen it be the case for some.

Tracking your return is extremely important for several reasons and should help you answer the following questions.

1) Which marketing realms are working?
2) What is the net value of each client from each specific forum?
3) What is the total ROI (return on investment) for each marketing partner?
4) Where should you spend more or less of your marketing dollars in future campaigns?

Help your business increase it’s ROI with marketing

Marketing is a never-ending project when it comes to all businesses big and small. The above questions will help you know where your marketing dollars are successful and where they have failed — giving you the opportunity to investigate the reasons for the failure as well as moving money around to make your marketing campaign a more prosperous part of your business.

If you would like assistance in setting up a marketing campaign or would like more information about our marketing consulting services please contact us via email or call us at 800-690-5622. Busy Bee Media, Inc. has several years of knowledge in ad creation and implementation of successful ad campaigns. We have contacts in most marketing arenas including Online, Yellow Pages, TV, Radio, Direct Mail & Newspaper. This can help us leverage the best rates and service when it comes to helping you create a marketing campaign that helps you reach both your short and long term goals.