Making Your Website Interactive

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Making Your Website Interactive

One of the biggest challenges facing home service providers is making their virtual content exciting, fresh, and easy to find. Most people rely on their phones to search for their needs. This places a greater pressure to make sure your site is mobile friendly. This also presents the challenge of keeping users on your site. With lists and lists of potential home service providers, you want to create a website that keeps users exploring as long as possible. One great tool is making your website as interactive as possible.

What Makes a Website Interactive?

To define it simply, any clicking or movement technically makes your site interactive. To really appeal to your clientele, you want to create a webpage that involves dynamic movement. This can be done by experimenting with fonts and styles to create a site that stands out from others. You can use a scrolling style to allow your story to unfold as someone moves around your site. Using a blend of text, graphics, and other interactive elements can keep customers on your site longer, boosting your place in the long list of search results. 

You can also use 3D product models that are clickable. This is a great interactive tool that can explain complex services, tools, or equipment to a user in a way that is approachable and fun. This allows you to rely less on long blurbs of explanation that take up a lot of space on your pages. 

Home service marketing often includes the use of images to highlight the projects your company has done in the past. You can take a simple picture and turn it into a 360-degree model. This is a fantastic way to make your images come to life, allowing users to really experience your work.

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Busy Bee Media can help a business owner create a website that is both informative and interactive. The more interactive your site can be, the better chance you have of keeping users on your site longer. This helps your SEO. Contact us to learn more about keeping your website up-to-date with the latest trends.