Make Sure Your Services Are Clear

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Make Sure Your Services Are Clear

Marketing your home service is vital to attracting new customers, as well as keeping existing customers engaged and interested. Successful marketing goes beyond just creating a website. Your website also needs to function as an accurate extension of your business. Consumers expect to find up-to-date, relevant content that is easy to find. If a consumer has to search through multiple tabs to find the information they need, they will likely go to a different site instead.


For those in the home service industry, you want to stand apart from your competitors. This starts by providing your clients with a clear understanding of what you can do for them. It is important to not assume a client will know what it is that you can provide. Most home service companies offer a different range of services based on their staff and equipment availability. It is important that what services you can provide are always clear and upfront on your website.


Services Placement

 It can be helpful to provide a quick list of the services you provide on your home page. This is the first page a consumer will explore. It will provide an idea of what your company offers specifically. You’ll also want to have a clear tab that provides a list of your services that will then provide a fuller explanation of what you can do.


Whom Do You Serve?

 Whom you serve should be immediately clear. Many home service companies focus on specific areas. Your website should make it clear whom you serve, such as residential, commercial, or industrial. These different services often require certain levels of expertise, qualifications, specialized tools, and manpower. It helps to provide that information up front to prevent misguiding potential clients.


Let Us Help

 Busy Bee Media is dedicated to helping home service professionals increase their digital traffic. Our team of experts can help improve the look of your website, as well as ensure all your content is relevant and clear. Contact us to learn more.