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As a roofing company in Los Angeles, increasing sales and growing both business and profit is incredibly important, no matter if you’ve been in the business for decades or are newly breaking into the roofing market. Since we’re talking about L.A. here, it is understandably difficult to grow in visibility and stay on top of the marketing landscape. Luckily, with the right strategy for your website and marketing campaign, it’s possible to quickly and easily grow your profits and consumer base.

For your Los Angeles roofer marketing campaign to succeed, you must be sure you’re choosing the right digital marketing agency to represent you and your work. It’s important for the growth of your business to properly target roofing leads or consumers who are interested in roofing services. The more your digital marketing targets and understands these customers, the more successful your business can be. With help from Busy Bee Media, you can feel confident in the profits your company will see from a well-executed media marketing and website optimization campaign.

L.A. Roofing Company Marketing Strategy

The nature of a roofing job is that once you’ve done your job well, you likely won’t see the same roof or customer again, at least not for many years. As you know, with asphalt and wood tiles lasting around 15 to 25 years and metal or stone tiles lasting 50 or more years, doing more than two large roofing jobs on the same house is unlikely. Knowing this, you understand how important it is for your customer base to keep growing and continuously search out potential consumers, turning interested parties into paying clients.

Therefore, your marketing strategy must be effective and continuous, always bringing in new customers who need the quality services you provide. Several methods can help your marketing strategy, and although one-size marketing does not fit all companies, these are some important aspects of a roofer marketing strategy:

  • Effective search engine optimization, or SEO. Putting together a website that is both user-friendly and full of up-to-date and relevant content will make sure your website ranks high on search engines like Google. We can help with quality content and keywords to be sure your website is better favored by search engines and maximize your reach to potential paying clients. Let your website build momentum and trust with search engines and customers.

  • Advertising on search engines with pay per click. While your SEO on your website needs time to be effective, paid advertising can help you climb to the top of the Google page fast, and you only pay for the advertising when someone clicks on it. It’s important to note, though, that paid ads need careful planning and strategy to be a helpful tool in an advertising campaign.

  • User-friendly website design. Your website needs to be accessible and easy to parse through, whether your visitors are on a computer or their phone. Good website design makes sure that your clients can easily find and navigate to the pages they’re looking for.

  • Proudly representing your reviews. To better your reputation and trust with your clients, showing off your good reviews from real customers can show that you are a trustworthy company with quality work. Prompting clients to give their reviews after you’ve done a job for them is a good way to gather more reviews and can work hand-in-hand with an email marketing campaign. Even negative reviews, well handled, can grow your reputation as a professional business.

  • Content and social media marketing. Relevant marketing and advertising in these avenues will help target your ideal client base and convert them into paying clients. Advertising through a social media website is a good way to discover new customers and re-target potential clients who visited your website before, encouraging them to re-visit your site. Content marketing is an effective way to inform consumers about the services you provide, particularly when done through combinations of written and visual forms.

    Consider Busy Bee Media’s Roofer Marketing for Your Los Angeles Roofing Company

    While this may seem like a lot to stay on top of, you don’t need to worry about anything other than roofing when you hire a digital media marketing company. To receive the best Los Angeles roofer marketing to keep you competitive in the world of marketing, reach out to the experts at Busy Bee Media today. Let us handle the SEO and advertising of your business to help you stand out, so you can better concentrate on providing quality roofing and excellent customer service for your roofing clients.

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