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Los Angeles Local SEO Services

Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to digital marketing campaigns. However, you may notice diminishing returns if your SEO tactics aren’t tailored to the Los Angeles market area. Using SEO based on local markets and locations can increase your website’s standing in search engine results pages (SERPS) and help make sure you are there to answer customer questions.

Local SEO Vs. Traditional SEO: What’s the Difference?

If you’ve already invested in SEO, you may be wondering how local SEO is different and if it’s worth it. To answer this, one must consider the sheer size of the internet and our global marketplace. Though you may provide a unique product or service in your community, chances are that many other companies worldwide also provide similar products or services. When you use local SEO, you are narrowing your competition from the entirety of the internet to just local competitors. The latter is much more manageable, and it is easier to get the attention you’re looking for. When you are optimized for Los Angeles markets, the users who find you are more likely to be local; they are also more likely to become customers.

Traditional SEO has a much larger market. This type of SEO matches searches with relevant results, regardless of your location. This is great for companies that operate with national or international clients, but it can bury small businesses that only serve their local communities.

For example, if you run a small cafe in North Hollywood, you want to appear in the searches of people who are specifically looking for a cafe in North Hollywood. However, if you run a paper supply company that has clients around the United States, narrowing your SEO to North Hollywood would cut off a significant percentage of your potential clients.

Local SEO and Search Engine Algorithms

Keywords and keyphrases are essential to any SEO effort. However, Los Angeles local SEO uses neighborhood, city, and state names a significant number of times within the content. This shows search engine algorithms that you are a good result for local, location-specific questions. Plus, this can make you seem especially relevant in certain searches where other websites carry similar information, but your advantage is your location. Sometimes, where you are is the only way to beat out other websites that share the same offerings.

Los Angeles is not a small town. The city’s local SEO may not be sufficient to draw the attention that you need. You may need to take your SEO a step further and create content that connects you to the community. This can be through blog posts about local news, area statistics, neighborhood-specific events, etc. Doing this creates a specific location-based community within one of the world’s largest cities.

Optimize Your Mobile Platforms

When it comes to location-based local SEO, one of the best things you can do is optimize your mobile site. This is due to the nature of most local searches. Though many people do research or projects on their desktop or laptop, most people search for local products and services on their smartphones.

For example, if you run a vegan restaurant in Brentwood, new clients will probably find you when they are out in the neighborhood and start to feel hungry. They won’t pull out their laptop or sit at their computer to find somewhere to eat. They’ll likely search for somewhere to go via their smartphone.

Ultimately, customers are out and about when they search for a local business to visit. When you optimize your content to mobile searches, you are capitalizing on the majority of clients who are searching for your local business on their smartphones. Even if your company has a large service area, smartphones are becoming the preferred way to search for information. If your website isn’t ready for mobile traffic, you are losing business, plain and simple.

Creating a Powerful Website for the Los Angeles Market

Our team at Busy Bee Media is highly trained in local SEO. We are committed to helping you increase your local client pool and capitalize on your most likely customers — your neighbors. Our team knows that growing a business begins with local community support and customers, and we are here to help.

For more information on our Los Angeles local SEO services, contact us via our website today.

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