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Running a franchise puts you in a unique position. Though you are certainly part of an established company, you also are responsible for making sure your branch runs well. Name recognition is not enough to properly run your franchise.

Whether your business is in person or online, you can benefit significantly from SEO. Franchises especially need to capitalize on local markets, as another competing branch of the same company may exist nearby. To make sure you are bringing in customers, you need to use location to your advantage. This is especially important for franchise owners in Los Angeles, where there is a lot of competition in almost every industry.

Local SEO Is an Asset to Your Franchise

Local SEO in a city as large as Los Angeles is essential. This method can help you differentiate your location from other franchise locations around the city or the state. When you specialize your SEO to your specific neighborhood or community, you can highlight how your services help with their specific needs. The more specific and location-based you are, the more accurately you’ll appear on potential customers’ search engine results pages (SERPs).

Local SEO is a great way to drive customers to a certain location. If you’re trying to boost client numbers or build up a new branch of your franchise, local SEO can help bring in new people. SEO has a significant and positive impact on the amount of business a company has. If you fail to use SEO for your franchise, competing branches will appear before yours in search results.

How to Use Franchise SEO

If you’re ready to use local SEO to your business’s benefit, it is important to understand some key points. First, though SEO can be effective, it must be done correctly to see a true impact. Some important SEO actions include:

  • Read the reviews. Highlighting your positive reviews from Yelp, Google, Facebook, etc., can be a great way to encourage people to come to your branch rather than another franchise location. Customer photos, videos, comments, reviews, and suggestions have a significant impact on what other people do, so highlighting the positive aspects of your business can increase traffic significantly. Poor reviews should be taken into consideration when you’re making changes or upgrades to your location.

  • Use Google Maps. Most people search for franchise locations in Google Maps or another map program. When you make it easy for customers to find you, they’re more likely to come to your location over another one. Adding directions and contact information to your Google My Business page can help to improve Google Maps’ directions to your location as well.

  • Create location-based content. Mentioning your location and community on your website helps with geo-location. For example, if a search engine sees that you placed “McDonald’s in Irvine” on your website, it shows the algorithm that you may have the information a person searching for a McDonald’s in Irvine likely wants. The more you use keywords and phrases, the more relevant the search engine will think your page is. This is especially helpful in areas with a lot of options and traffic, such as tourist attractions.

  • Tighten your brand. When you create cohesive branding across all your franchise locations, you help capitalize on brand recognition. This phenomenon is key to ensuring a successful franchise business. This is especially true for your online content and digital marketing strategies. Be sure your webpages contain the same colors, fonts, company logo, and overall design as one another to promote cohesion.

There are other tactics that may be helpful depending on your unique situation. If you aren’t sure what your Los Angeles franchise SEO should look like, trust an expert company like Busy Bee Media to help.

Your Franchise SEO Solution

Your objective as a franchise owner is to make your location shine while remaining part of the overall brand of the company. This requires that you take advantage of the things that make you different, such as location and specialized services. Local SEO aims to do just that, allowing you to out-compete other branches of the same franchise.

The team at Busy Bee Media is here to help you make your franchise location shine. With exemplary Los Angeles franchise SEO services, you can be sure you’re receiving the best and most comprehensive SEO support available. For more information, contact our team today.

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