Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Do Your Services Cost in Los Angeles?

A: Our Los Angeles services vary in price based on what your business needs. Every business is different, and because we help market for small- and medium-sized businesses, there is no way to specify a set price. We do, however, offer free consultations for your business. Call us today, and we can get you a quote for our services.

Q: What Is SEO, and How Does It Help With Marketing?

A: SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means utilizing the right words and phrases for a search engine to ensure greater success of your website. Every search engine is designed to find specific words and phrases based on what people enter into the search bar. Search engine optimization makes sure that your content online has the right phrases to trigger the search engine to generate your page. So how does this help with marketing? With the right words and phrases in place, your page or content will show up as a search result more frequently. This will lead to more web traffic and ultimately is great for your Los Angeles business.

Q: How Exactly Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Work?

A: Pay-per-click advertising is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of paying for your advertisements in bulk, you pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement. This is a great money saver that allows you to advertise your business without paying exorbitant up-front fees to do it. Our pay-per-click advertising experts can help you determine what works best for your company.

Q: What Is the Difference Between Social Media Marketing and Advertising?

A: Social media marketing involves any posting you do online on social networks. This usually involves free advertising through your business’s social media channels. Social media advertising is any post that leads to sales, typically through paid advertisements on a social media platform.

Both social media marketing and advertising are important to have in Los Angeles. Social media marketing helps you establish a community base online and is a great way to represent your business. Social media advertising can market to specific demographics and ultimately lead to your business making more money. The right balance of both will help your business grow over time, and our social media teams can help you find that balance.

Q: What Is the Best Service for My Business?

A: It is hard to point out the best service for your business. It all depends on the business model, the products or services you’re offering, and the size of your organization. However, with one quick and free assessment, we can help you decide on the best plan of action for your business.

Q: I Have No Social Media Presence. Can You Help Me Set Up Social Media as Well as Manage It?

A: In short: yes. We provide social media page development as well as social media management services. Working with you, our team will develop a social media presence for your business that will help you connect with your consumers on a more personal level. We also develop web pages, should you need these services too.

Q: Do You Do Any Form of Tracking or Reporting?

A: Our goal as your marketing partner is to be as accessible as possible. We utilize a reporting software that not only tracks the pertinent data but also compiles reports to help you learn more about how your business’s online presence is performing. We cover all sorts of reports, including competitive analysis, which will allow you to see how your business stacks up against similar businesses online. In addition, our reporting software will help you find any weaknesses your business may have so that you can improve.

Our reporting software allows you to view not only the analytics we generate but also your search engine ratings for both Bing and Google. Overall, our tracking and reporting software will give you the information that you need when you need it.

Q: Is There a Contract? If so, what are the terms?

A: We do offer contracts at Busy Bee Media. We try to limit our contracts to yearly commitments. Yearly contracts allow you to reflect on the service you received over the year and offer you the opportunity to reconstruct your contract to include services you missed out on or remove services you no longer need for your business.

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